Analytical Negligence Shaping Catastrophic Blunder

On its surface, amnesty for the children of illegal immigrants would seem to be a commendable mercy, but its real nature would be unjust because it would be paid for at the expense of American workers, taxpayers, and their children. It would be unwise because it would risk losing control of immigration and impose unacceptable security risks at a time when a formidable enemy plans to destroy us by settlement, infiltration, and steady “Civilization Jihad.”

Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor want to be thought of as good guys by the media and prospective voters. Hence they are constructing a Republican Dream Act in the House, which would give amnesty to those who were brought to this county as children of illegal immigrants. After all, illegal entry into the United States was not their fault, and Social Security number fraud or identity theft were felonies they had to commit to get a job when they reached employment age. Life is complicated.

Political correctness and powerful special interests seeking cheap labor and increased political influence by means not consistent with broad national interests have worked to suppress the substantial negative impact of illegal and excessive legal immigration on American workers, taxpayers, and their families. The national media and the leadership of both major political parties have been complicit in making immigration issues especially low information subjects for American voters. Hence debate over a crucial national economic and cultural issue usually consists of emotional anecdotes and one-line propaganda slogans rather than facts, statistics, and rational analysis of the consequences of immigration policy.

Moreover, liberal-leaning wannabe-good-guys of both political parties rarely bother to consider issues beyond their emotional frame of reference. Failure to consider rational consequences of policy decisions, especially subsequent second and third level consequences, is almost a defining characteristic of modern liberalism. Hence the “Children’s Amnesty” has a good chance of garnering enough emotionally oriented Republican votes to pass the House and a correspondingly good chance to destroy the country. Getting past its emotional appeal, a Republican Dream Act would be a tremendous, and in my opinion, unforgivable Republican mistake. It is in fact, just a wide-open back door to a major general amnesty for most of the 11.5 million illegal immigrants now here. Its major and largely unfixable flaws could completely wreck any possibility of immigration control. Meanwhile, as reality brushes aside poorly informed public relations strategies, the consequences of thoughtless and unjust immigration policy will become more and more damaging and visible.

• Because the 1965 Immigration Act changed family reunification provisions from spouse and minor to children to include parents, siblings, and an endless chain of in-laws, the Heritage Foundation believes that 75 percent or 8.6 million of the estimated 11.5 million illegal immigrants now here would be covered within a few years. According to many immigration experts, repealing the 1965 Immigration Law family reunification provisions would be more important to controlling immigration than sealing border. Immigration control at the workplace is also far more effective than sealing the border.

• The amnesty applications would be subject to massive EASY fraud.  If at least 25 percent of 1986 amnesties were given on the basis of fraudulent documents, how much more fraud would occur under an Obama Administration? If an under-35 age qualification is used, how many will lie about their age? The Obama Administration’s objective is to maximize numbers and minimize checking.

• As a gross misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, the U.S. has created a problem that few other countries tolerate. A baby born in the U.S. to illegal immigrant parents is automatically a citizen with generous medical benefits to child and mother. There are currently about 350,000 birthright babies per year. Sixty-five percent of American voters oppose this policy. But the proposed “Children’s Amnesty” would effectively make all children of illegal immigrants, those born abroad as well as here, automatic on-request amnesties. This sets an extraordinarily dangerous precedent with incalculable future fiscal liabilities, helpless vulnerability to uncontrollable immigration, and unacceptable national security risks. It is a recipe for catastrophic fiscal, national security, and public safety breakdown.

·    See the damning letter by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Employee Union regarding fraud and national security risks:



• As with the 1986 amnesty, no matter how tough the enforcement language of an immigration bill might be, with BHO in charge, no enforcement will be implemented or tolerated. Any promised enforcement measures would essentially be fraudulent public relations eyewash as long as BHO is allowed to reign without Constitutional or Congressional restrictions. Deliberate failure to enforce our immigration laws, particularly for political or financial gain, ought to be an impeachable offense.

• Using the Heritage Foundation’s estimated long-run amnesty cost of $6.3 Trilliion, a smaller 75 percent strength Dream Amnesty, not counting fraud and birthright issues, would still cost a whopping $4.7 Trillion.  Both amnesty and tolerating illegal immigration would be flagrant Congressional fiscal irresponsibility. No Republican who votes for such a Dream Amnesty should call themselves a fiscal conservative. Alexander the Great remarked that the people of Asia (Western Turkey) were slaves because they had not learned to pronounce the word, “No.”

• Voting for such an amnesty would also destroy the Rule of Law, not only in immigration enforcement but more widely in society. No Republic or just society can long survive the loss of respect for duly constituted law.

• Amnesty received at the expense of American workers and taxpayers is injustice. Do not their children suffer when jobs are lost and their wages are suppressed?  Where is the compassion for them? Again, Liberal-think does not concern itself with second and third level consequences. In Liberal Cloud-Cuckoo-Land, looking-good has precedence over justice and doing genuine good.

• Passage of a Republican Dream Act would destroy the Republican Party, at least as a party with any conservative principles and credibility.

• Any amnesty is bound to have grave national security and public safety consequences, when the powerful Muslim Brotherhood is waging a long-term Civilization Jihad against the United States, and its principal means include Muslim settlement, infiltration of government and cultural institutions, and gradual implementation of Islamic Law (Sharia).

The Republican Party needs to start looking after the interests of ordinary American workers and taxpayers. Continued Republican Congressional surrender to big business special interests is already causing millions of conservative voters to stay at home. A Republican Dream Act will send them a clear signal that Republican concern about their lives and jobs is only a public relations sham.


Mike Scruggs is the author of Lessons from the Vietnam War: Truths the Media Never Told You; published in 2009. Mike is also a decorated Air Force combat veteran of the Vietnam War and the author of recently published books: Lessons from the Vietnam War: Truths the Media Never Told You and The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths.  The books, a unique combination of personal experiences and a military and political overview of the war, can be obtained by calling The Times Examiner at (864) 268-0576.


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