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Genocide Watch in an international human rights organization especially concerned with genocide. It rates various countries with strong ethnic or religious conflicts according to ten stages of genocide. In the last few years, it has rated South Africa as being on the border of Polarization and Preparation, currently steps 6 and 7. Step 8 is Persecution and Step 9 is Genocide. Step 10 is Denial of Genocide, an almost certain indication of further genocidal acts to come.  South Africa’s 55 million population is just over 80 percent black, and the endangered group is the white minority of approximately 8.4 percent of the current population. Before World War I, whites made up 22 of the population, but it had dropped to 11 percent by 1994, following the end of Apartheid and white political rule.

Genocide Watch is concerned with the high murder rates in South Africa, especially the disproportionate number of white farmers killed. South Africa also has the highest rape crime rate in the world. There is also growing hate speech against whites in South Africa, much of it coming from powerful politicians. South Africa’s economy has been on a strong down-trend. The unemployment rate for 2016 was 26.6 percent. There have been many anti-white laws passed and more proposed. In desirable job categories, whites are limited to eight percent of the total.

Moreover, on February 2018, The South African National Assembly voted 241 to 83 to amend the country’s constitution to allow confiscation of white-owned land without compensation. There may be other property confiscations of homes, businesses, and even art coming soon. Former President Jacob Zuma had been threatening the move for some time, but a coalition of the ruling ANC (African National Congress with 249 seats) led by new President Cyril Ramaphosa) and the relatively new (2013) and even more radical EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters with 25 seats) led by Julius Malema pushed the confiscation without compensation bill through. Apparently 76 members of the total of 400 did not vote. Ramaphosa had previously promised to pursue “radical economic transformation.” Ominously, Malema, the most violent and hateful in speaking of the white population, was allowed to introduce the legislation.

The ANC has been in power since the end of Apartheid and the election of Nelson Mandella as President of South Africa in 1994. Although Mandela was a Communist member of the ANC coalition during Apartheid, he governed with deliberate moderation. The ANC was always a Leftist party, but it has grown more radical in its social and racial policies since Mandela. The EFF broke from the ANC in 2013 and can only be characterized as a Radical Left, black racist party. Malema and his red-dressed members dance and sing about killing Boers at their rallies. You can watch this on Willem Petzer’s June 25 YouTube video on the Farm Murders.   

The second largest party in South Africa is the Democratic Alliance (DA), with 89 seats in the National Assembly. It is headed by Musi Maimane and is strongly opposed to confiscation of property without compensation. The party is strongest in urban areas and is sometimes described as moderate and center-right. The ANC, while sill dominating with more than 62 percent in most elections, has been losing some ground to both the more moderate DA and the radical left EFF. The recent coalition of the ANC and EFF indicates Ramaphosa and the ANC feel there is a surge of black racial unity against whites and other races. Some are saying that despite Malema’s violent hate rhetoric, his followers may be as much as 10 percent of the voters and are especially strong among younger voters where unemployment is 53 percent.   

Of the 4.6 million whites in South Africa, about 2.6 million are descendents of Dutch speaking early pioneers who began settling South Africa in 1652.  These call themselves “Boers” Boer is the Dutch word for “farmer.” These Dutch emigrants were of the Dutch Reformed faith, and were joined by many emigrants of German, Swiss, French, and Scottish Reformed denominations. Their strongly differentiated dialect of Dutch is now recognized as a separate language called Afrikaans. The balance of the whites are predominantly of British descent.

In addition to the white minority, there is a mixed-race “coloured” minority of 8.8 percent and an Asian minority of 2.5 percent. In addition, there are about 5.0 million illegal black immigrants from Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia) was a prosperous agricultural country until former President Robert Mugabe implemented his disastrous land redistribution program. The economy there collapsed when white farms were forcibly occupied and their owners driven off by persecution, violence, rape, torture, and murder. The leaders of the ANC and EFF do not seem to recognize that these same actions in South Africa will probably reap the same economic tragedy as in Zimbabwe.

The Boers owned about 85 percent of the farmland at the end of Apartheid and still own 72 percent. They did not take these farms from blacks. The Boers established and occupied most of these farmlands to get away from British rule in the early 19th century, before the black Bantu tribes began to emigrate in mass from central Africa.

According to a Genocide Watch report in July 2012, over 3,000 of 40,000 white farmers had been murdered since 1994. Crime statistics in South Africa have become unreliable for political reasons. However, AfriForum, a white civil rights organization, reported recently that trials occurred for 105 black on white murders with 73 convictions in 2017 versus 16 white on black murders. This report also revealed that the media was more than ten times as likely to report white on black violence than black on white, an ironic extreme in political correctness.

The liberal media in South Africa and the West record many humorous and entertaining quotes by EFF Leader Julius Malema but somehow miss his most revolutionary statements. In 2016, he told a British reporter in an interview that he was “not calling for the slaughter of white people—at least not now.” Earlier this year he said, “We are starting with whiteness. We are cutting the throat of whiteness.” His racial denunciations also extend to Indians from South Asia.” The mainstream media is guilty of covering up Malema’s barbarous racial agenda.

Organizations like Huffpost and the SPLC go out of their way to give credibility to the South African government statistics that claim the murder rate is the lowest in many years, while demonizing the “right-wing” Alt-Right media videos that reveal the shocking truth—that the  post-Apartheid Rainbow Nation envisioned by the liberal European and American media elite is not going well. Only Tucker Carlson on Fox occasionally breaks the pattern of lies with the truth. Carlson interviewed AfriForum civil rights leader Ernst Roets on the alarming current situation and Roets’ new book, Kill the Boer, which is loaded with alarming documentations of government complicity in anti-white terrorism and credible statistics. I pray that you will be able to find it in the U.S. despite the likely suppression of such a book. I also strongly recommend the one hour and 15-minute video documentary, Farmlands, by Canadian journalist Lauren Southern. You should be able to find it on her YouTube site. Many have never heard these things before, thanks to the dominance of cowardly political correctness and Fake News agendas.

White South Africans and other minorities as well are facing a dangerous situation. They may have to fight, flee, die, or surrender to unbearable tyrannies. The Suidlanders, a white private civil defense organization, the largest such organization in the world, are prepared to defend their property and people in times of civil war or emergency. The government has disbanded the old commando defense units and has also made it very difficult to own or purchase guns. Such government measures generally precede impending tyranny and possible genocides.

The South African Army has been largely purged of whites.

International concern about this potential South African genocide is so far limited to Australia’s Home Minister, Peter Dutton. He has suggested that Australia might consider a fast track visa program for 10,000 South African farm families.

It would be a grievous stain on the honor of Europe, the U.S. and Canada, if we turned our backs on a people facing such harsh oppression, robbery, and slaughter because of some witless devotion to political correctness.

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