Judging Freedom with Col Doug Macgregor and Judge Napolitano

Contrary to the Biden Administration, 85+ percent of deep-state-captive mainstream media, and the well-financed Zelensky-Ukrainian regime's propaganda machine. the extraordinarily dangerous US vs Russia proxy war in Ukraine is not going well and is weakening the US and NATO rather than Russia.  It is devastating Ukraine. You can be sure the Chinese are delighted with it impact on US military preparedness.  As Dan Bongino has pointed out, Ukraine is not only the most corrupt country in the world, it is a cash cow and celebrity political tool for crooked oligarchs, unprincipled corporations, and politicians.   

Here is Napolitano's latest interview of Col. Douglas Macgregor. U.S top ranking generals are now whispering for off-ramp on Ukraine. 

See also Macgregor article in American conservative. 

Future Defense Visions: The American Conservative 1/26/2023

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