Due to the unfortunate death of Greenville County Councilman Dan Rawls, a special election must be held to fill this vacant position for Greenville County Council District 26 for the remainder of the term of office. This special election will be held on June 17th 2014. The person duly elected will serve until December 31st of 2014. Filing will open on Friday, March 7th at noon, at the Voter Registration and Election office at 301 University Ridge, Suite 1900. Candidates will file information with the Greenville County Voter Registration and Election office indicating which political party the candidate wishes to participate. The filing fee is $128.00 (as set by the State Election Commission) with checks made out to the State political party of choice. Filing will close on Monday, March 17th at NOON. The primaries for this special election are scheduled for April 29th, with run-off schedule for May 13th if needed. Persons wishing to submit a petition to offer for this election without party affiliation must present the petition with proper signatures no later than May 2nd The Special Election for Greenville County Council District 26 is scheduled for June 17th. It should be noted that this process will overlap the normal filing, primary, and General Election for the standard four-year term scheduled for the November 2014, with term to begin in January of 2015.