ScottWalker7610Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin addressed a crowd of more than two-hundred at the TD Center in Greenville last Thursday evening.

Walker mingled with the crowd and posed for photos with supporters prior to the sit-down BBQ supper. He appeared very comfortable with friends, some of which supported his political campaigns in his home state.

The Governor thanked attendees for their prayers during his recall-election battles that involved vicious demonstration by his opponents. “Don’t stop praying,” he said.

Governor Walker, who has two young sons, said he was concerned about the safety of future generations of Americans. He said that was his motivation for seeking the presidency. He listed a number of his accomplishments as Governor of Wisconsin and said he wanted to do some of the same things in Washington, DC. Walker---Linda-Gardner-1

The unemployment rate in Wisconsin just dropped to 4.8 percent. He transformed education and overcame opposition of the teachers union resulting in increased test scores and graduation rates.

He defunded Planned Parenthood, required photo ID to vote, cut taxes by $2 billion, and passed a right to work law.

He shared a few good quotes: “On the Fourth of July, we celebrate freedom from government, not dependence on government.”

“Radical Islamic Terrorism is our biggest threat. Take the fight to them, don’t bring it here.”

Governor Walker said he is worried about the future of our country, “but I’m optimistic.”


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