Several years ago Russ Cassell of WORD/WYRD radio directed my attention to chemtrails.  Then, around two years ago, I inadvertently began what was to become a research project about the history of the Bavarian Illuminati, as represented in Canadian Navy Commander William Guy Carr’s 1954 and 1958 book, Pawns in the Game.  With regard to the New World Order, as announced by

the erection of the Georgia Guidestones in March 1980, chemtrails have been noted since 1997 over many parts of the world.  “Sustainable development” is the key phrase, from the Greenville County Council’s apparent efforts to implement the UN Agenda 21 to the far-fetched idea of worldwide “population reduction.”  The latter is where chemtrails and HAARP may come into play.

William Thomas’ 2004 book, Chemtrails Confirmed, more than adequately makes a joke of the USAF, Air Traffic Controllers, and other bureaucratic denials of such chemtrails, not only over the US and Canada, but also reported over Scandinavia and Western Europe and elsewhere around the world.  Sporadic outcries have been met with arrogance and deceit by officialdom.  USAF KC-135s have been commonly identified.  Surely more has been sprayed than just what has been required for “weather alteration.”

Among identified contents of the various types of chemtrails have been aluminum chloride, barium stearate, iron oxide, ethylene dibromide, fungi, mycoplasma, numerous bacteria, viruses, polymers, etc.  White or brownish or black powders, and slimy, mucoid strands and filaments and glistening spider-web like networks have been noted.  Following overhead sprayings, “flu-like symptoms” often describe the Emergency Room or medical clinic patient’s presentation.  Yet there is no fever.  Mycoplasma has been grown in many such cases.

Numerous agents listed in Chemtrails Confirmed are carcinogenic.  Some agents damage our immune systems, a gift from God that protects some people more so than others.  Other agents have electromagnetic properties that may interact adversely with the human being’s own electromagnetic operating arena, i.e., typically from zero to twenty Hertz, and specifically, the six to eight Hertz range.  Think crowd control and mind control.  Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning’s 1997 and 2002 book, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, is very enlightening with reference to the potential diabolical use of the HAARP facilities in Gakona, Alaska.  YouTube “H AARP” and “chemtrails” and see for yourselves.

Most alarmingly about the Chemtrails Confirmed book is Mr. Thomas’ notation on page 154 that in February 2003, HAARP was sold to BAE Systems along with all other divisions of Advanced Power Technologies for $27 million in cash. Peanuts!  Formerly known as British Aerospace, BAE’s  $33 million slush fund and associations with the Saudi Royal Family make one wonder who was minding the national security shop when this national security decision was made?

The HAARP facility “includes 360 radio transmitters with a combined power of 3.6 megawatts; 180, 68-foot antennas covering an area of 40 acres; and five large generators providing more than 16 megawatts of power,” according to a 27 Jun 2007 BAE Systems press release.  HAARP is an ionospheric heater!

Score one for British Intelligence and for the British, Dutch and other royal families who are heavily invested in energy companies and who may see the overt and covert applications of the Gakona, Alaska, HAARP facility, along with Dr. Bernard Eastlund’s and Nicoli Tesla’s patents.  Previous owners of HAARP have included ARCO-Atlantic Richfield and E-Systems, which was later bought out by Raytheon, all having had CIA contracts.  Now, the “black” side of operations, assuming there must still be one, is under the control of an overseas international company and is something I look at as treasonous, considering the potentially ominous capabilities of the facility.

By ominous, I mean weather alteration, including the creation of ozone holes, or the triggering of tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and even volcanoes, to crowd control and mind control in far away places from the facility.  HAARP should be at the top of the list of supposed top-secret facilities that are vital to national security, despite the fact that the HAARP facility has a public side.

It now appears that the New World Order and the United Nations are in ultimate control of HAARP.  Other interests served by BAE’s ownership may include England’s Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, and the Bilderbergers.  The Conspirators’ Hierachy; the Committee of 300, 2nd Ed., 1992, by Dr. John Coleman, analyzes the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, and the RIIA, etc. and their importance as to world governance and ultimate controlling power over all nations.  The 2000 book, Earth Rising, The Revolution Toward a Thousand Years of Peace, by Dr. Nick Begich and James Roderick, details potential diabolical uses of HAARP and other New World Order tools, as does Jim Marrs’ 2008 book, Above Top Secret.

Around 12-18 months ago, the Air Force Times (or perhaps the Air Force Magazine) had an article about Air Force pilot retention rates.  Apparently the article has subsequently disappeared, for I cannot find any reference to it on the Internet.  A category I had never seen before listed “white planes” pilots’ retention, which incidentally was listed as lower than for most pilots of the other types of Air Force aircraft.  I am convinced that the “white planes” represent those that spray chemtrails, such as KC-135s and numerous smaller USAF, DOD, NOAA and perhaps Homeland Security, or even CIA-contracted, aircraft.  Who knows what the true motives are?  Perhaps insidious population reduction may be one such motive. You Tube has many photos and videos of such aircraft, including the spraying devices and interior cargo modifications designed for chemtrail dispersal.

Why this commentary and photographs, you may ask?  Well, chemtrails are an issue that should be brought to the forefront of the general public’s attention.  Just look up and pay attention, or check out many TV commercials in which chemtrails actually may be seen in the background.  The included photos represent just a few of those taken over the past four to five months about the Greenville area.  If your readers were to begin to document chemtrails and were to deluge the TV stations with such pictures, how long could the weathermen and weatherwomen go without acknowledging the chemtrails’ existence?  “No they are NOT contrails!”  Then, how long would it take for the US Government to be forced to tell the truth about the role of chemtrails, with the probable ulterior motive of effective “sustainable development,” as dictated by the UN and the power brokers of the New World Order.

Your readers should check out “Georgia Guidestones” on YouTube, just in case they still have full confidence and trust in the U.S. Government and the United Nations, not to forget our state and local governments.  Chemtrails may represent only one clog in the dubious NWO machine for the destruction of the American economy and its middle class.  I fear that “depopulation” may be the ulterior satanic motive for the great secrecy and deceit portrayed by the men who pull the strings that control the pawns and agenturs of the United Nations and the United States Government.  Remember the phrase, “sustainable development.”

Chemtrails and HAARP were mentioned in my six-part series, Pawns in the Game, Fifty Years Later; What Really May Be Going On, which appeared in The Times Examiner March 11-April 15, 2009.  Unfortunately, The Times Examiner’s online archives section does not include this paper; it should be added in its entirety.  My lifelong optimistic outlook has become somewhat jaded, especially over the past two years of research.  A devastating, ugly future awaits freedom-loving, Constitution-abiding, God-fearing Americans; i.e., especially Christians. Protestation of “chemtrails” may be an avenue for us to emphatically say “NO” to what our government is doing.


Frank Bernard Osteen is a retired Col USAF MC CFS. He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (864) 292-3969.


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