Veteran Representative Harry Cato Facing Two Challengers

Harry-Cato-STH_2538State Rep. Harry Cato announced last Friday, March 12 that he is seeking reelection for the District 17 seat he has held for almost 20 years. Cato owns and operates Cato Transportation Supply and currently serves as Speaker Pro-Tempore in the South Carolina House of Representatives.

“It is a great honor to represent the people of Northern Greenville County in the State House,” Cato said when making his reelection announcement. “I look forward to continue working to improve opportunities in our state. My number one priority in the nest year will be to grow our economy by empowering small business men and women to create and bring new jobs to our Ares. The best way to help entrepreneurs is to lower tax rates and eliminate burdensome government red-tape.”

Nathan-EarleAttorney Nathan Earle announced his bid to seek the District 17 House seat February 18th...  “I am running for the South Carolina House because  I’m tired of hearing our ‘Republican’ legislators talk about limited government on Election Day, only to support liberal policies when they get down to Columbia.”

Earle promised that his campaign will expose what he describes as “the glaring lack of transparency in Columbia, and will focus attention on the tools available to the citizens of South Carolina to bring their government under control.

Earle said he will be an advocate for measures designed to empower voters to take a more direct role in shaping public policy, such as ballot initiatives, legislative referendums, and recall elections.

Tom-CorbinSmall Business Owner Tom Corbin formally announced his bid for the District 17 House seat at the Clearview Baptist Church Family Life Center Monday, March 15.

“This was a decision that was made after much thought, prayer and discussions with my family and friends,” Corbin stated. The people of District 17 feel abandoned by the incumbent, who has been noticeably absent from our area for several years. Far too often career politicians forget who elected them. But, the incumbent has taken his lack of representation to a level never seen before. “The incumbent remarried a resident of Lexington County, SC. Ever since; he has spent the overwhelming majority of his time in Lexington County with his new bride and her children.

“An elected official must be dedicated to making good decisions for the community and the people he represents,” Corbin added. “Furthermore, he must be accessible, as well as in touch with the issues and needs within his district.”

Corbin said he will address issues and needs that have been ignored by the incumbent and believes that he has the qualities and motivation to do his very best for the district and state.


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