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Saturday, April 13, 2024 - 02:30 AM


First Published in 1994


Congressional Candidate Lynz Piper-Loomis Addresses Her Primary Opponent's Pledges & Support of Legislation for the Trans Agenda, which is Un-Constitutional, Un-American, Toxic, & Evil. Lynz also Addresses Her Primary Opponent's Support of Other Initiatives & Legislation.

It is a devastating blow to SC-01 when we now have TWO candidates running for the PEOPLE'S SEAT that are supportive of the trans agenda that has waged war across this land. ANY history of commitment to this agenda and any current commitment to this agenda proves that both of these candidates are not fit to serve.

This ideology is a threat to our Constitutional Republic, which we CANNOT allow. Katie Arrington compromisingly signed the pledge for Equal Means Everyone.

This organization is notorious for endorsing those with far-left liberal agendas who campaign for the Democrat ticket. Equal Means Everyone supports education, activism, legislation, and calls to action supporting the LGBTQ & Trans agendas, Racial Justice, & Gun Restrictions--just to name a few.

Nancy Mace co-sponsored the Fairness for All Act. This piece of legislation allows transgender men in the bathroom with women. This transdemic indoctrination has weaved its way in throughout every societal sphere of influence for decades and now mutilates anyone of moral character or oppositional views.

The transgender indoctrination in the schools sets a precedent in grooming for trafficking. There is absolutely no conscionable reason for this programming of pornography and explicit sexual content in any place of society. Disney is a prime example. The pledge and voting records of my opponents express their support of this issue. These issues remain a continued threat to our Republic. Not on my watch.

Nancy Mace has caused catastrophe for our business owners as well as parents. She pushed mandatory mandates (masks & vaccines) until, of course, it was time for campaign season. Then she quickly changed her tune once she realized the great people of South Carolina District One DO NOT adhere to any ideology contrary to our U.S. Constitution. She was viewed on Fox News and CNN--on the same day wearing the same outfit--telling conflicting stories regarding her stance on vaccines. Click here to listen.

We can thank Katie Arrington, Nancy Mace, Joe Biden, and Pelosi for the gas prices at the pump. Katie voted for the gas tax (H3516) here in South Carolina that is fueling even more dollars at the pump. She complained about Governor Henry McMaster's push back against it and voted to override his veto. We now have elected officials at the South Carolina State House seeking a suspension of this costly blow to our economy.

Nancy Mace supported legislation with Biden and Democrats in regard to the tax on carbon emissions. (HR2820)

What about abortion? Nancy Mace creates a special classification for those whose life has value. Life conceived by rape or incest has no value to her. When we, as a society, begin to make determinations about whose life does and does not matter, we open a window into dark places we do not want to go in. Abortion is abortion. The most vulnerable among us is a baby in the mother's womb, the disabled, and elderly. If we can't get it right on life, we can't get it right on anything. I am pro-life.

Lastly, I will remind you of their anti-second amendment voting records. Katie Arrington voted against H3700, which was our state's constitutional carry legislation. She expresses that she voted for a better bill that places restrictions on the use of a handgun. Words can be flipped around in any direction and the result is still the same. Katie voted against our second amendment.

Nancy Mace voted for the NDAA, which has RED FLAG LAWS. Make no mistake. I meant what I said. I fully support 2A with no restrictions. I fully support non-federalized reciprocity so people do not have to register their freedoms. I'm proud to be the only pro-second amendment candidate in this race.

The issues we face are not Republican or Democrat. We are in an American crisis. I believe in America's core value of Sovereignty, that "WE THE PEOPLE" are the solutions to the problems we face, and that we should hold the power of governance.

Truly, the American people are the candidates and should be elected back into office. We, as American's have always believed the impossible is possible. We have always been an exceptional nation because we have refused the idea that one entity held power over us. Yet, we find ourselves with people like Nancy Mace and Katie Arrington that will compromise our God-given, irrevocable rights for votes or their own agenda.

I am the only candidate in this race who has the moral courage to withstand the heat of the tragic political environment to which we feel entrapped. Our only choice is to rid this country of the long-term politicians who have served themselves instead of We the People. We need to replace them with strong, disciplined citizens who bring fresh ideas and who are more than willing to serve the people of this district.

Choose wisely in 2022. Let's return to limited government, and the protections of our Constitution. I'll be your champion. A Vote for Piper-Loomis is a Vote for "We the People."

God bless you and keep you.

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