As the season for winter weather approaches and due to changes in telecommunications laws Greenville County Schools (GCS) is now able to text emergency messages to parents through the school messenger system if the listed home phone number is text capable.  We have heard from parents that they prefer direct communication instead of social media or waiting for media announcements/scrolls. GCS does not send phone messages to families late at night or early in the morning, so a last-minute closing decision, especially one made early in the morning is sometimes missed.  Texting parents provides a less intrusive way to send emergency messages during these hours.

This week we are kicking off a districtwide campaign to let parents know they can receive emergency texts regarding GCS if they ensure that the home phone number in PowerSchool matches a text-receptive phone.  Though we have been using a text message system called @gcsalerts through Twitter, that system has been less than reliable and is dependent on parents opting in and having push notifications set properly on their phone.  We will continue to use @gcsalerts as a communication redundancy.  As always, the GCS website, social media platforms, and local media will be used to help disseminate emergency messages.

If parents want to receive these text alerts and currently have a landline listed as their home phone number they will need to fill out the THIS FORM and return it to their school office.

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Mike Scruggs