Freedom is not free, but it was paid for with the blood of tens of thousands of American lives for us to enjoy today. Our Constitution, our political system, and our judicial system are the best in the world. All Americans have the opportunities to succeed in the calling of their lives if they so choose to put their shoulder to the grindstone and go to work to achieve their goals.

The problem is that we have too many socialist crybabies in our society, who blame everyone else for why they haven’t succeed in life. They want all the rest of us to give them what we have worked years for. Our advice to all the socialists of this country is to get off your lazy backends, stop demanding the freebees, roll up your sleeves, and go to work by the sweat of your brow.

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the cowardly Black Militia have joined forces to try and enforce socialist tyranny upon the American people. We are not impress by you!

Black Lives Matter should be protesting the abortion mills that murder about 300,000 unborn black babies in their mothers’ wombs every year. This Marxist organization should also go to work in the inner cities of: Chicago, IL; Washington DC; Baltimore, MD; New York City, NY; and, elsewhere to help eliminate the high crime rate and the explosion of murders of blacks-upon-blacks. Black Lives Matter is more about socialist power and what they can extort from the American people, politicians, and businesses.

Muhammad Ali, Jr. said in an recent interview with the New York Post concerning what his father would say about Black Lives Matter, “The legendary boxer and activist stood up against racism throughout his life, but Muhammad Ali Jr. says his dad would have been sickened by how the protests have turned to violence and looting after the death of George Floyd. ’Don’t bust up, don’t trash the place,' he told The Post. ‘You can peacefully protest. My father would have said, ‘They ain’t nothing but devils.’ My father said, ‘All lives matter.’ I don’t think he’d agree.’ Of the BLM movement, Ali Jr., a Muslim like his father, said: ‘I think it’s racist. It’s not just black lives matter, white lives matter, Chinese lives matter, all lives matter, everybody’s life matters. God loves everyone — he never singled anyone out. Killing is wrong no matter who it is,’ Ali said during an hour-long interview with The Post.”

We call upon Black Lives Matter to change their racist name to “All Lives Matter”.

One of the founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, in an interview with a professor connected to Morgan State University, made this statement, “Myself and Alicia Garza [co-founder of BLM] in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on ideological theories.” Black Lives Matter is associated with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. This organization is trying to push Marxism throughout America.

As a statement of historical fact, both Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson had a clear testimony that they knew Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and were very dedicated to their wives. Lee gave freedom to all his slaves at the beginning of the Civil War. Jackson regularly sent money out of his military paid back home to his church and his black Sunday School class. BLM, Antifa, and the Black Militia should be labeled as terrorist, insurrection groups and treated as such.

We the American people call upon President Trump to invoke the 1804 Insurrection Act and restore law and order in America.

We ask you as Americans to call your US Senators and House Members to support the repeal of all signs and the holiday dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr, in favor of signs and a holiday honoring Booker T. Washington or George Washington Carver.

Down with the "Black National Anthem" and up with "The Star-Spangled Banner". We as American patriots will never bend the knee out of disrespect to our American flag, but we will stand erected and proud with our hands over our hearts as it flies.

Thank God for America!

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