The Probate Court handles some of the most important and sensitive issues in anyone’s life so the qualities that we should want in our Probate Judge are integrity, attention to detail, and how they treat others. Based on my experience with Chad Groover – I can attest that he shouldn’t be a judge.

After hiring Chad Groover and his law firm to help me with my late wife’s estate, I waited 8 months only to learn that he had lost all my estate documents, including the death certificate. Groover admitted he “dropped the ball”. Then, he billed me for services he never provided.  After hiring a new lawyer, I received a letter from Mr. Groover acknowledging my termination of his services for the estate administration of my “mother” not my late wife.

The Greenville County Probate Court already has a Judge who is both competent and efficient. Judge Faulkner treats all Greenville County residents with respect and compassion. She and her staff took time to work with me and my new lawyer to get what I needed to finally close out my late wife’s estate. I encourage everyone to vote to re-elect Judge Debora Faulkner.

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