America has reached a dangerous point in its history.  The danger from within is as bad, or worst, as the danger from without.

We neglected to teach our children America’s History and the History of our LORD, the creator of Heaven and our beloved Earth.

The result of that, is a very ungodly America.  With very little to no knowledge of God, the Holy Bible, or of His moral rules of behavior.  

Now we see masked mobs attacking their fellow Americans praying, or going to voting places.  We see leaders suggesting harassment of Republicans and their families where ever they can be found. All this while the police are not allowed to arrest the unlawful evil doers.

Even Hillary, twice presidential candidate, believes their side is civilized.  However, a nation that murders innocent unborn babies, is not a civilized nation. It is a murderous nation in God’s eye.

Because of that, and other ungodly abominations, God will destroy America and the world.

Most man-of-God now believe that the end of time could occur any day, now that Israel exists as a nation as prophesied.  But God decides when!

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Mike Scruggs