A group of Vietnam War veterans were the honored guests of Greenville area Vietnamese-Americans as they celebrated their traditional Lunar New Year in native dress. Hundreds of Vietnamese-American families reside in the Greenville area. Many of the older generation were members of the South-Vietnam Armed Forces who served as much as five years in Communist reeducation labor camps after the United States abandoned the war effort and Communist forces occupied the former democratic republic.
 Before escaping and eventually arriving in the United States, the now proud Americans learned firsthand what it was like to live in a Communist dictatorship.

Many of their children and grandchildren were born in the Upstate. They have worked hard and been successful in the business community.

The New Year Celebration was held at the Greenville Shrine Club. The house was packed as participants were treated to music, karate demonstrations, traditional dragon acts and events that honored the elderly and treated the children. The colorful native costumes and Vietnamese food added to the enjoyment of the festive evening.




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Mike Scruggs