Interfaith Next Step to Global Governance

The Islamic movement in the US is part of the Red (Communist)/Green (Islam) Axis. Islam is also a part of the globalist agenda of the World Economic Forum, United Nations, and New World Order.

In this show, Ron & Shahram expose the Muslim Brotherhood, their front groups (like ICNA/ISNA), and how they use interfaith and multi-faith with Jews & Christians as a Trojan horse to accomplish their mission.

We detail all the reason why Islam is not an Abrahamic faith, and why Allah is not the God of the Bible.

We further discuss how deception is a key part of Islamic doctrine to gain the Upper House. Islam is not peaceful and seeks to wage jihad by all means to eliminate all other religions, and establish Islam as the final religion.

What can we do to expose this agenda and wake up this nation?This is the third video in the series.

#1 Is Islam Compatible with the Constitution here.

#2 The Trojan Horse called Interfaith here.

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