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It was reported last year that Google was blocking Conservative emails. It became so noticeable that the Republican National Committee had filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging the company has been suppressing its email solicitations ahead of the midterm elections last November — an allegation Google denies — an obvious attempt to affect the elections.

We have noticed that since last April 2022, many of our Gmail recipients were not getting our newsletter. Our Online TE Newsletter was not even reaching our recipients' spam/junk folders, let alone their inboxes. So they had no choice to either accept or reject our newsletter. Google assumes that responsibility itself. In all our Newsletter emails we have an unsubscribe link that we honor and will accept when requested.

This blatant bias against Conservative causes and organizations needs to be stopped. It is obvious that the tech giants have free reign in promoting their woke progressive agendas and will do everything in their power to shut up those that disagree. This is a sign that they have no rebuttal or substance to their reasoning and arguments against decent patriotic loving Americans.

It may be high time that we abandon these progressive corporates and their free services and start looking for other free email services.

Most recently, we were attacked locally and could not even email out at all from our online server due to being put on a flagged account list. This would have even stopped our subscription feature on our website. So if you have tried to subscribe in the past few weeks, try again. This has now been resolved for the time being. We do not know how long we have until we get attacked again for our Conservative values and message. But we recommend that you change your email with us from Gmail ASAP and use another free service.

Search using "other alternatives to gmail" to find other free email services. Let's stop promoting and using big tech giants that obviously hate conservative values and any attempt to get our message out. They are afraid of our message because they know they cannot stand up against it, just like roaches that run and scatter when the light is turned on!

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