The Times Examiner has had numerous requests for a complete listing of lawmakers and how they voted on removal of the Confederate battle flag from the Confederate Soldier Memorial. Following is a listing of Senate and House members, those who voted for and against, and those who did not vote.

There is a great deal of residual anger among constituents regarding the vote. It is not so much about the removal of the flag, but the callus and disrespectful manner in which it was done.

House Roll Call Vote Number 912

Session: 121 (2015-2016)

07/09/2015 01:10 am

Passage of Bill - RESULT: Passed

Yeas: 94; Nays: 20; Excused Absence: 3; Not Voting: 6

S 0897 SC Infantry Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America

YEAS - 94

Alexander, Terry

Allison, Merita A.

Anderson, Carl L.

Anthony, Michael A.

Atwater, Todd K.

Bales, Jimmy C.

Ballentine, Nathan

Bamberg, Justin T.

Bannister, Bruce W.

Bernstein, Beth E.

Bingham, Kenneth A.

Bowers, William K.

Bradley, Jeffrey A.

Brannon, Norman D.

Brown, Grady A.

Brown, Robert L.

Clary, Gary E.

Clemmons, Alan D.

Clyburn, William

Cobb-Hunter, Gilda

Cole, J. Derham, Jr.

Collins, Neal A.

Crawford, Heather Ammons

Crosby, William E.

Daning, Joseph S.

Dillard, Chandra E.

Douglas, MaryGail K.

Duckworth, Gregory D.

Erickson, Shannon S.

Felder, Raye

Finlay, Kirkman, III

Forrester, P. Michael

Funderburk, Laurie Slade

Gagnon, Craig A.

Gambrell, Michael W.

George, J. Wayne

Gilliard, Wendell G.

Goldfinch, Stephen, Jr.

Govan, Jerry N., Jr.

Hamilton, Daniel P.

Hart, Christopher R.

Hayes, Jackie E.

Henderson, Phyllis J.

Henegan, Patricia Moore

Herbkersman, William G.

Hicks, Donna C.

Hodges, Kenneth F.

Horne, Jenny Anderson

Hosey, Lonnie

Howard, Leon

Huggins, Chip

Jefferson, Joseph H., Jr.

Jordan, Wallace H., Jr.

King, John Richard C.

Kirby, Roger K.

Knight, Patsy G.

Limehouse, Harry B., III

Lowe, Phillip D.

Lucas, James H.

Mack, David J., III

McCoy, Peter M., Jr.

McEachern, Joseph A.

McKnight, Cezar E.

McLeod, Mia S.

McLeod, Walton J.

Merrill, James H.

Mitchell, Harold, Jr.

Murphy, Christopher J.

Neal, Joseph H.

Newton, Wm. Weston J.

Norman, Ralph W.

Norrell, Mandy Powers

Ott, Russell L.

Parks, J. Anne

Pope, Thomas E.

Quinn, Rick

Ridgeway, Robert L., III

Riley, R. Shannon

Rivers, Samuel, Jr.

Robinson-Simpson, Leola C.

Rutherford, J. Todd

Smith, G. Murrell, Jr.

Smith, Garry R.

Smith, James E., Jr.

Sottile, F. Michael

Stavrinakis, Leonidas E.

Tallon, Edward R., Sr.

Tinkler, Mary E.

Weeks, J. David

Wells, Don L.

Whipper, J. Seth

Williams, Robert Q.

Willis, Mark N.

Yow, Richard L.

NAYS - 20

Bedingfield, Eric M.

Burns, James Mikell

Chumley, William M.

Corley, Christopher A.

Delleney, F. Gregory, Jr.

Hardee, Kevin

Hill, Jonathon D.

Johnson, Jeffrey E.

Kennedy, Ralph Shealy, Jr.

Loftis, Dwight A.

Moss, Dennis C.

Moss, V. Stephen

Nanney, Wendy K.

Putnam, Joshua A.

Simrill, J. Gary

Spires, L. Kit

Stringer, Tommy M.

Taylor, Bill

Thayer, Anne J.

White, W. Brian


Hiott, David R.

Hixon, William M.

Long, Deborah A.


Pitts, Michael A.

Ryhal, Mike

Sandifer, William E., III

Southard, Edward L.

Toole, McLain R.

Whitmire, William R.

Senate Roll Call Vote Number 569

Session: 121 (2015-2016)

07/07/2015 10:48 am

3rd Reading

RESULT: Passed

Ayes: 37; Nays: 3; Excused Absence: 5

S 0897 SC Infantry Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America

AYES - 37

Alexander, Thomas C.

Allen, Karl B.

Bennett, Sean

Bryant, Kevin L.

Campbell, Paul G., Jr.

Campsen, George E., III

Coleman, Creighton B.

Courson, John E.

Cromer, Ronnie W.

Davis, Tom

Fair, Michael L.

Grooms, Lawrence K.

Hayes, Robert W., Jr.

Hembree, Greg

Hutto, C. Bradley

Jackson, Darrell

Johnson, Kevin L.

Kimpson, Marlon E.

Leatherman, Hugh K., Sr.

Lourie, Joel

Malloy, Gerald

Martin, Larry A.

Martin, Shane R.

Matthews, John W., Jr.

McElveen, J. Thomas, III

Nicholson, Floyd

Rankin, Luke A.

Reese, Glenn G.

Sabb, Ronnie A.

Scott, John L., Jr.

Setzler, Nikki G.

Shealy, Katrina Frye

Sheheen, Vincent A.

Thurmond, Paul

Turner, Ross

Williams, Kent M.

Young, Tom, Jr.

NAYS - 3

Bright, Lee

Peeler, Harvey S., Jr.

Verdin, Daniel B., III


Cleary, Raymond E., III

Corbin, Thomas D.

Gregory, Chauncey K.

Massey, A. Shane

O’Dell, William H.

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