Pro Life Advocates

Pro Life Advocates arrested

WASHINGTON -- Speaker Pelosi and the U.S. Capitol Sergeant at Arms Crush trample the First Amendment by Arresting Peaceful Pro-Life Advocates on the Steps of the U.S. Capitol.

This after Congresswoman Bush was allowed to camp out and protest on the steps for days calling for a moratorium on evictions.

Speaker Pelosi is making it clear she will only allow speech she approves of and supports at the United States Capitol Building. This is clearly unconstitutional and discriminatory. 

Members of Stanton Public Policy/Purple Sash Revolution were leading a peaceful demonstration in support of the Hyde Amendment. Following yesterday's arrests, Stanton Public Policy Center is discussing all options with their legal team.

Corey Busy Protest

Danielle Versluys, Chief Operating Officer for Stanton Public Policy Center, states:

"Last week, Cori Bush was allowed to protest and camp out for several nights on the Capitol steps. The U.S. Capitol Police stood by and watched, providing the congresswoman a public, prominent platform for her message about the eviction moratorium.

"Yesterday, Stanton Public Policy members took our message to the very same public platform as Congresswoman Bush, asking Congress to protect our most vulnerable citizens -- babies in the womb.

"Within 10 minutes, we were arrested by the Capitol Police. We were peaceful, respectful, and asking simply for the same rights afforded Ms. Bush. Instead, our message was swiftly silenced."

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Chief Strategy Officer for Stanton Public Policy Center, adds: 

"For the First Amendment and free speech to be functional all viewpoints need to be embraced and allowed. Sadly, Speaker Pelosi has nullified the First Amendment by allowing Congresswoman Bush's speech to move forward while we were arrested for ours.

"America and freedom are endangered when political elites can arrest citizens in the public square just because they disagree with their message."


SOURCE Stanton Public Policy Center/Purple Sash Revolution

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