WASHINGTON -- Faith Driven Entertainment - known for its help in promoting Hollywood films to Christian Audiences, has signed a contract to help promote Muhammad in His Own Words: The Founder of Islam Speaks.


Faith Driven Entertainment was a critical part of bringing Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ to release.

They have also helped promote Hollywood blockbusters Unbroken, The Polar Express, Son of God, and others.

See www.FaithDrivenEntertainment.com for a comprehensive list.

Carl Townsend, President of Faith Driven Entertainment states:

"We are thrilled to be a partner in helping to market Muhammad in His Own Words. We have already received amazing feedback and interest from many people who are excited about the release of this film. The knowledge and authenticity that this film brings is a defining representation of some of the background elements that have led to the cultural shift in our country.Muhammad in His Own Words is an eye-opener, to say the least." -- Carl Townsend

Randall Terry, writer and director of Muhammad in His Own Words states:

"Having a company of this size and experience help promote Muhammad in His Own Words is an honor beyond description for me. It shows that this movie will not be pushed quietly into the corner by the P.C. gatekeepers who are hell-bent on keeping Americans in the dark about Muhammad and Islam." -- Randall Terry

Muhammad in His Own Words can be viewed digitally at: www.ChristianCinema.com

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