MoonBats 2022

Beware! Moonbats are carriers of the deadly "Obama Coccus Stupidicus" virus, which is invariably fatal to traditional Americanism if exposed to it over a long period of time!

We’ve all seen them in person or on video:  Little flying mammals who come out around dusk in search of insects or fruit to eat.  A few of them seek out animal blood to drink, and are called “vampire” bats.  Most people are afraid of bats (which don’t get in your hair), but except for the remote possibility of being bitten by a rabid bat, they are harmless to humans and generally are beneficial to mankind.  All except one.  The moonbat is truly dangerous to human safety and happiness because it is wingless, cunning, untrustworthy, and often resorts to perfidy, subterfuge, mendacity, and violence to survive and attack its opponents.  The more powerful of that nasty flock have NO qualms over harassing  or destroying any living being that dares to oppose their dark agenda of destruction and lust for power and control.  Above all other living creatures, the moonbat is to be both feared and loathed, for it has sold its soul to the Prince of Darkness, and spends its life seeking others to deceive and destroy!

So exactly what, you might ask, is a “moonbat”, and what does it look like?  According to The Urban Dictionary, a “moonbat” can be described as follows:

  • An irrational and mentally unstable person of a decidedly liberal political affiliation;
  • An unthinking or insane leftist—i.e. most modern liberals;
  • Someone far over on the left of the political scale that makes irrational statements about their (fanatical) opposition to those who are constitutional conservatives;
  • A mentally unstable liberal who tries to hijack the true meaning of a word and turn it to their advantage. Just as they have with history. It is a term used to describe liberals’ mental instability and their general lack of true knowledge.

Now that you are aware of the “definitions” for moonbat, let’s delve into where these creatures hang out.  Obviously, they are members of the human race (unfortunately), have two legs, two arms, and damaged brains, a result of the unfortunate brain cell destruction caused by often early exposure to the virulently dangerous  “Obammacoccus Stupidicus Virus” (OSV), often at an early age and usually “injected” into one by his/her parents, relatives, school teachers, friends, or the untrustworthy “social media”.  Therefore we must admit that moonbats can be, and sadly are, all around us—they could be our neighbors, family members (they’re a pesky and potentially  dangerous kind of moonbat), people you work or belong to organizations with, go to church with, possibly socialize with (although that’s an “oxymoron”), and might even be your customers or friends (another disturbing relationship). 

Sadly, they could even be your spouse!  Indeed, some of the most “offensive” moonbats of all are the spouses of non-moonbats, who must endure long sessions of being “re-educated” by said disease-infected spouse into the glories of collectivism/socialism and his/her visions for a wonderful “New World Order” long promoted by Dumbocrats and liberals. The only antidote for a spouse who is suffering from the disease of “moonbatism” brought on by OSV is to somehow, and often over long periods of time, inject the “antibodies” of Conservative/Americanist right thinking directly into the brain of the spouse that has been infected with that virus which causes moonbatism.  This is successful perhaps 50% of the time.  Barring that, the only solution is appealing to the Creator in prayer for the brain damaged spouse’s mental healing!

Moonbats have existed in all times and all cultures, and without doubt have wreaked their havoc over the centuries. They were violently effective during the French Revolution beginning in 1789, and “flew” from revolutionary France to the infant United States in the late 18th century, and soon began “infecting” our nation with the freedom-destroying  and deadly “OS Virus”, which has wreaked much destruction within our culture ever since.  But it is in the modern contexts that we must contemplate the existence of, and the damage caused by, these dangerous and misled and pathetic creatures who hide in plain sight, using monikers such as:  Philosopher, liberal Bible-denying “preacher”, university professor and administrator, teacher,  social worker, member of the print and electronic media, Hollywood and TV actor, chamber of commerce administrator, radical feminist, perverts of all stripes, wealthy and powerful business leader, and the most dangerous kind of moonbat:  Politician!

One of the worst of all historical (and hysterical) moonbats was Karl Marx, a true spawn of Satan who published his Communist Manifesto in 1848.  Marx was one of the originators of the modern era’s Klan of the Moonbats, and his evil tomes have been the cause of the deaths of vast millions of people from his time until the present, as the Moonbat “Brotherhood” decided that all those who refused to worship at the altar of repressive and “progressive” socialism and willingly allow themselves to be injected with the freedom-destroying “OS Virus”,  needed to be eliminated from breathing air. That disgusting variety has been proliferating in our nation ever since the days of Presidents George Washington and John Adams, both of whom recognized the “disease” of collectivism spread by moonbats, and they even suspected that its “source” was the Illuminati/Jacobin influence which came from the large number of immigrants who came from revolutionary France to our shores in the 1790s and early 1800s.  (Hint:  it WAS!)

Recent history is replete with examples of evil and despicable moonbats flitting to and fro in our society, doing their best to spread their verbal “guano” on the heads of the unsuspecting and the gullible; always protecting their fellow moonbats in their endless quest to seek out and destroy all vestiges of constitutional government and traditional culture, all genuine non-government mandated human gestures of respect and concern for others, and all the wisdom from the past which was often gleaned after victorious physical or verbal battles of real patriots (American Eagles) with various members of the diseased Moonbat Klan.

Some U.S. presidents have been members of that reprobate flock.  Teddy Roosevelt was one of them from the time he became POTUS until his death, although his “moonbat-ism disease” became more pronounced after he left the White House, and he became a flaming progressive. Woodrow Wilson was surely one of them. A strong proponent of big government and internationalism,  he tried to dump his political “guano” on the heads of his countrymen via his support for the failed “League of Nations”, but pro-constitution, anti-moonbat American Eagles of that time would have none of it.  More recent presidents of the U.S. have also been members of the Moonbat Klan, such as Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton (including his wife, Hillary), and two of the chief members of the Moonbat Klan, Comrade Barak Obama and his wife, Michelle.  And of course, we can’t overlook our current Comrade Pseudo-President Biden, who pretends he is “Moonbat-In-Chief”, but is really controlled by “vultures” behind the scenes.  They were or are all moonbats, without a doubt. (Both George Bushes masqueraded as conservative “American Eagles”, but were internationalist-minded moonbats in disguise!  George W still IS!) 

Flocks of moonbats have been poisoning our mental “air” and threatening our physical well-being with their nasty “guano” of lies, threats, perversions, and perfidies for the past several decades.  Some of them are multi-billionaires like the funder of fascists, America-hating Ex-Nazi George Soros, the extreme anti-2nd Amendment Michael Bloomberg, the virulently “Never Trumper”, socialist Tom Steyer, and dangerous internationalists like Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s “vaccine king”, Bill Gates (one of the most powerful and dangerous of that flock), Google’s anti-conservative advocates of restricting free speech, co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin (who was born in Moscow), all despicable and dangerous moonbats who pretend to be “Kings of the World”, and who delight in dropping their visions of world change manure (the New World Order, the Great Reset, etc.) onto the heads of gullible Americans who believe every word that the kept whores of the MSM tell them.

There are also gaggles of more extreme and violent moonbats that have contaminated our body politic in recent years.  Truly nasty and extremely dangerous ones like members AND SUPPORTERS of the “Black Lives Matter Movement”, who love to use racist violence and vulgarities to attack our local police forces and destroy public and private property, killing the innocent who “get in their way”; “peaceful” marches of often violent “million-this or that” moonbats who delight in verbal and sometimes physical attacks on their opponents and use their substantial political clout to intimidate and influence the sinister left- wing moonbats in Congress and frighten the cowardly RINOBATS (a loathsome sub-species of the moonbat family); phony” Fascist moonbats (who claim to be “anti-fascist” but are NOT)—known to nest in myriad government agencies, in academia, in big business boardrooms,  in union halls;  all of  who are deniers of free speech and proponents of power to the government (and to them, but not you),  and who increasingly practice intimidation of their non-moonbat opponents; moonbat adherents of the “religion of peace” who major in hateful rhetoric and forcing other people into acceptance of their Satanic fanaticism via threats, lies, and violence, including murder; and one of the most dangerous species of moonbat—government bureaucrats-- who use the power of their various agencies (and their virtual invisibility therein) to force Americans into accepting their Big Brother decrees and MANDATES which usually do nothing except increase governmental power and decrease the liberty of the law-abiding, as well as crippling further our already weak and bleeding economy (which is their goal, of course).  Entire federal agencies are populated exclusively by moonbats, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Health (NIH), and especially the U.S. Department of State, which is infested with Marxist moonbats.  Sadly, our Department of Defense, which once-upon-a-time was filled with American Eagles, is now the “pentagonal” nest of more moonbats than eagles.

From this brief foray into the world of moonbats and the destruction they cause to freedom and constitutional government, it should be obvious to those of us who call ourselves Christians, Christian Patriots, Conservative Constitutionalists/Americanists, or just plain “fed up with liberal Dumbocrat nonsense” Americans, that the genus, “moonbat”, is truly dangerous to the survival of human liberty, despite their usual “squeaks and clicks” to the contrary when they are attacked and exposed by American Eagles.  Moonbats are easily deceived, and love to spread their virus of deceit to others.  They—especially the older ones-- rarely can be dissuaded from their left wing progressivism—that virulent sickness caused by the aforementioned dangerous “Obamacoccus Stupidicus Virus” that, in all of its historical manifestations,  has always been damaging to people’s liberties.

President Donald Trump exhibited some degree of fortitude and courage as he tried to protect our nation from the scourge of hatred and mendacity perpetrated by moonbats while he was our President., and this evil and despicable flock never ceased in its attacks and lies against him, and still haven’t to this day, because he knows them for what they really are: Anti-American loathsome creatures who strongly admire the Chinese Communist Party and all things Chinese. (The so-called January 6 Select Committee in the U.S. House is totally made up of leftist/collectivist moonbats who have long ago been infected with the “Obammacoccus Stupidicus Virus” (OSV), particularly the two RINOS on that shameless “star chamber investigation” who have been hopelessly contaminated with this sickness.)

One of the ways to support our increasingly disregarded U.S. Constitution and spray the decontaminating “mists of truth” throughout our land is for all American patriots and all who are concerned about the increasing leftist slide into repressive socialism that the members and leadership of The Klan of New Bolsheviks Party (formerly the Democrat Party) have been foisting on all of us, is to VOTE ONLY FOR AMERICAN EAGLE REPUBLICANS in this year’s mid-term elections on November 8th, 2022.  It’s true that some who call themselves Republicans are “less Republican” than others (some of these are leftists that pretend to be American Eagles), and act more like “DODO BIRDS” than Eagles, but with a Republican majority in both the House and Senate (and hopefully some NEW and pro-American leadership in Congress—unlike the enemies and compromisers currently shredding our liberties), our next, hopefully pro-American and pro-Constitution President can continue his/her efforts to resist the inroads of the moonbat flock who have allied themselves with the “swamp dwelling slime” in The District of Criminals and Corruption and who spread their virulent “OSV” over all of us through their disgusting Marxist MANURE.   RESIST THEM, my fellow Americans! 

If you truly value the Constitutional liberties that we have always cherished, and that so many of our countrymen have died in the past to defend, DON’T EVER VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT, because they are the PRO-MARXIST, ANTI-CHRISTIAN, ANTI-FREEDOM, ANTI-CONSTITUTION, ANTI-AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM PARTY!  Please remember this when you vote on Nov. 8th, 2022!  Let’s do our part to rid our government of so many moonbats who spend most of their lives seeking out the gullible to infect with their progressive/collectivist LIES. 

(PS:  If any part of the above statement offends you, good—it was intentional!  YOU are one of “them”.)

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