There are disturbing indications that the Obama Administration plans to retain perpetual power by stealing future elections. Whether their plans can and will be successful or disrupted depends entirely upon the extent that the American people remain vigilant and their determination to sacrificially do whatever is necessary to assure that we have free and honest elections in order to remain free.

If Democrat members of Congress were convinced that there would be free and honest elections in November 2010, there is no way that many of them would risk their political future by voting for the Obama-care medical takeover. They would be swept out of office by a backlash vote against this reckless, dictatorial measure.

How can we predict that they are planning to steal the next election? Simply look at their political agenda between now and November. Either by a vote of Congress or by Executive order, there will be some sort of amnesty granted illegal aliens that permits them to vote. There will be either a law or Executive Order signed by the President requiring universal voter registration by anyone and everyone who wants to participate, whether they be felons, foreigners or anyone else.

Thugs representing unions and organizations such as ACORN will likely be stationed at key voting precincts intimidating voters that are not supportive of Democrats and the Obama agenda. Complaints regarding abuses by these individuals will be ignored. However, anyone interfering with the right of anyone to cast a ballot, whether legal or otherwise will be charged and prosecuted by the U. S. Justice Department with a federal crime.

The “Motor Voter” registration law provides many opportunities for abuse. Early and absentee voting also provides many opportunities for election fraud.

Organizations fill out large stacks of registration forms that are delivered to county election offices just a few days before an election. There is no way for the normal office staff to adequately verify that the registration is legal and get the registration card mailed to the address given on the application before the election date.

There are reports and speculation that plans are already being made to register voters at multiple locations and transport them from city to city and precinct to precinct for early voting or mailing in ballots for multiple absentee voting

There were long lines at the Greenville County voting office for several days prior to the General Election in November 2008. They were registered to vote in Greenville County, however, there was no verification that they were Greenville County Residents or that they did not vote elsewhere one or several times.

Skeptics may ask:  “How can that happen?” Let us look at one scenario.

An individual or organization wishing to win an election using whatever means is necessary regardless of the existing election laws will pick up registration forms at an election office. Individuals are recruited to fill out the forms with names and addresses and check the block indicating the individual voting is a citizen. The critical information on the form is the mailing address where the registration card is to be mailed. The address of a friend, relative or political operative located in the chosen precinct may be used. Multiple addresses and voting precincts may be used within a state, or several states, but only one within a county. Before the date of the election, the registration cards are presented to the individual voters and they travel independently or are bussed to the county election offices where early voting is permitted. No one checks the voter rolls between counties or states to prevent this type voter fraud.

All that is required is an unethical candidate with unethical constituents who are willing to develop an adequate plan to steal an election and skillfully follow the plan. These people have experience. It worked well for them in 2008 and it will work better in 2010, because they have support of the Department of Justice.

As a fallback plan, in case this approach should fail, they may manipulate the computer program used to account for the votes at the city, county or state level to insure victory.

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