Dr. Christine Blasey Ford alleges that on an unknown date in 1982 she attended a party at a house of unknown address where an unknown number of mostly teen-aged party goers stood around sipping beer and socializing. At a certain point she decided, for an unknown reason, to climb a set of narrow stairs to a second floor where there was a bathroom and a bedroom. She became aware that an unknown person was following her, but she did not turn around to see who it was. That unknown person pushed her through the doorway into the darkened bedroom. She still made no effort to determine who it was.

Presently she is lying on the bed, but she is trying to get up and flee, however the unknown person is firmly holding her down. He slips one hand under her clothing and she becomes terrified that he is going to rape her and possibly accidently kill her. She begins to scream for help, but he places a hand over her mouth so she cannot scream. Apparently at this point she decides that her assailant is Brett Kavanaugh, and Brett's friend Mark Judge is also in the room. Somehow she breaks free and flees across the hallway to the bathroom where she waits until the two boys return to the party. Then she leaves the party and goes to her home nearby. She cannot say how she got to the party or how she got back home. This set of allegations raises many questions for me:

  1. Who supplied the alcoholic beverages to these mostly under-aged drinkers?
  2. Why was Dr. Ford unconcerned about who was following her and pushing her into the bedroom? Did she mistakenly think she knew who it was, and willingly cooperate?
  3. How was her assailant able to hold her down (two hands), slip a hand inside her clothing (third hand), and put a hand over her mouth(fourth hand)?
  4. Why did she wait so many years before she mentioned this episode?
  5. Was it George Soros or someone like that who donated so generously to her GoFundMe account?
  6. Why would anyone believe this account with so many unknowns?
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Mike Scruggs