There are good legislators Mike Burns and Bill Chumbley, who are willing to help make America Great Again. I have asked others and I expect more to join them, but these are two I know are fully committed to making sure the bill is pre-filed; that helps it have the best chance of surviving, and to carrying the bill as far as they can take it.  Please pray it gets enough support to pass and be implemented. Mike Burns and Bill Chumley, local SC House reps, are going to introduce the attached bill.  Please help them if you are in SC, and share it widely to friends in other states as I hope other states will adopt this approach.

Waiting until people are nominated is too late. Unfortunately,  we have no way, currently, to enforce constitutional eligibility. Force wasn't needed back when civics and patriotism were taught, and there were no progressives advocating everywhere for an absolute democracy, something our Founders

considered among the worst kinds of government and for good reason - every one of them quickly committed suicide!

In response to this important need, SC is taking the lead to establish a way to ensure that candidates for the Presidency and the Vice-Presidency are fully vetted for constitutional eligibility and inviting other states to do the same, that is, to pass their own state laws that to require serious vetting by state officials before candidates are placed on their ballots. You might notice there are no penalties mentioned in the bill.  I am counting on the House reps, with the help of the SC Legislative Council, to add the needed teeth.

If you think this is a good idea, I hope you will let your legislators know that you favor this approach and ask them to get busy writing their own bills or if in SC, helping our heroes, Mike Burns and Bill Chumley.

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Mike Scruggs