Just as I begin this commentary, Sen. Sanders is 'performing' his Townhall Q&A on FoxNews. As he presents his so-called democratic-socialist programs and policies, I wait in vain for the question, "How in all honesty can you take an oath to 'uphold and defend' the Constitution of the United States, and yet believe and support such socialistic programs?" Well, he can't, and truthfully there are but a handful of House/Senators who honestly are upholding the Constitution.

And so, I/we (those who have read and support said Constitution) are forever faced with . . voting for 'the lessor of two evils.' And such is my vote for Trump. Now I can fully understand why liberals/democrats (I think of my brothers, retired as educators) can NOT vote for Trump; the question remains, just how the @&%$ can they vote for the Hillary/Pelosi/Schumer/Harris/Schiff/Nadler/Booker/et al party?

How does one support a party that claims 'there is no border crisis? Or, supporting infanticide? Or, collusion, when the Gang of Eight knew two years ago there was no 'Russian collusion' nor 'obstruction?' (Schiff's lieing, not withstanding!). Or, the pathetic state of elementary education; and cost/debt and worthless collegiate studies?

And as to both parties, the wasteful spending on so many unconstitutional domestic programs AND so many unconstitutional wars? We have become the World's policeman!

So, my vote for Trump is clearly, a vote for 'the lessor of two evils'; is he ever to learn that the 'Deep State' controls both parties, including so many of his appointments?

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Mike Scruggs