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Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 10:24 AM


First Published in 1994


Greenville County Officers and State Delegates

Chairman – Sam Manley

1st Vice Chairman – Joe Dill

ExCommitteeman – Julie Hershey

NOTE: — The list below includes people from as many of the groups inside the party as I could make work.  I am the sole producer of this list.  If you over-vote, your entire ballot will be disqualified, so only Vote for 90.

Adam Morgan

Alan Morgan

Aly Seppala

Amanda Brett

Anne Danciu

Arthur Springer

Bob Dowd

Bobby Cox

Brenda Skipp

Brett Brocato

Catherine R. Huff

Cathey G. Holt

Cheryl Taylor 

Christina Bright 

Christopher M. Sullivan

Dan Herren

Deryl Whetsell-Paradis

Dianne Mitchell

Dwight A Loftis 

Elisabeth Boyle 

Elizabeth Jean Scott

Esther Wagner

Evan Newman

Evert Headley

Gayle Stanley

Geoff Arnold

Grace Collins Hargis

Greg Shorey

Hal Roach

Idell Koury

James Hoard

James Spurck 

Jeff Magg

Jennifer Black

Jennifer Headley 

Jim Barbare

Joanna Lynch

Joe Dill

Joe Rumler

Jonathan Bright

Joseph J. McLaughlin, II

Joseph Russo

Julie Hershey

Karen Mims

Karis Sutherland

Kathy Davis

Kenneth Matesevac

Larry E Killian

Lenna Smith

Lenore Skelton 

Leslie Moran

Lib Tickle

Linda C. Garner

Linda Slaton

Lisa Van Riper

Marlene Dowd

Marsha Christian

Marshall Franklin

Matt Wavle

Meagan Ingersoll

Michael Boyle 

Mike Burns

Pamela S. Evette

Pastor Mark Burns

Patrick Haddon

Patty Stoner

Paul Fallovollita

Pedro B. Mateo

Peter Davis

Randy Page

Rick Floyd 

Sam A. Manley

Shelly Haddon

Shelly Jones

Somer Flowers

Stephen H. Brown

Steve Shaw

Susanna Erickson

Suzette Jordan

Taft Matney

Terry Thacker

Thomas Chisholm

Tim A. Morgan

Tim Holt

Tim Schuyler

Tom Corbin

Wayne Jones

Wayne Middleton

Wendy Nanney

Wyatt Miler


To limit the above list to 90, there are 9 names listed below and I had to remove many of the spouses. If there is a name above that you wish to replace, I recommend you use one of these 9 names or the spouse of anyone listed above. 

Dean Scott Stephens

Denise Cassano

Gregory F Peck

Melissa Anderson

Marshall McCall

Max Masters

Steve Selby

Timothy Zuehlke

Todd W. Frederick