Event Sponsored by Citizens United and Congressman Jeff Duncan, With Lunch Provided by Tea Party Patriots


Eleven Conservative Republican presidential hopefulls participated in the South Carolina Freedom Summit at the Peace Center, Saturday. Another dozen non-presidential candidates that included members of Congress and Conservative media personalities contributed to the fast-moving event attended by an estimated 2,000 mostly conservative activists.

The event sponsored and hosted by David Bossie, President of Citizens United, and Congressman Jeff Duncan was a well-organized and expertly executed a major production televised from beginning to end by C-SPAN and covered by media from across the nation.

The Summit in Greenville, South Carolina, was the largest political gathering this political season and dominated the television news and conservative talk radio throughout the weekend and into Monday.

In many respects, the success of the Summit demonstrated the popularity, respect, and political power and influence of an incredible Congressman who voted against the Speaker twice but continues to hold three powerful committee assignments.

Jeff Duncan is an honest, truthful, reliable, dependable, Christian Southern Gentleman. There is nothing to dislike about him unless you are a Communist, Islamic Terrorist or an anti-Tea Party RINO Republican.

The Summit lasted from 9 am until after 5 pm with 30 minutes allowed for a free Chick-fil-A meal provided and expeditiously served by Tea Party Patriots.

Although Artisphere, the annual downtown art show, blocked the main traffic arteries and filled the streets with tourists and sight seers, Freedom Summit planners and organizers provided adequate parking and shuttle buses to make access very easy.

Third District Congressman Jeff Duncan who  represents the southern part of Greenville and Spartanburg Counties is rated one of the most conservative members of the Congress for his support of limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. He currently holds a 100 percent conservative rating from Freedom Works.

Duncan, a 1988 graduate of Clemson University was relaxed and enjoying himself as one speaker after another came out and expressed their political views to the Upstate South Carolina crowd that established themselves early on as Constitutionalists and patriotic Tea Party supporters rather than Republican Party establishment  RINOs.

Some in the dominant media reported that Donald Trump received the loudest applause. Trump is an expert in the art of human relations and has made millions accurately assessing his audience, whether they  be friend or foe, partners or competitors.  Early on, he discovered that tough talk and crude language brought the loudest applause from the Greenville crowd.  So he used both liberally.

Senator Ted Cruz, a crowd favorite was accompanied to Greenville by his father, Rev. Rafiel Cruz, a born again Baptist Preacher, who is an even better speaker than his son. Many conservatives disgusted with the mousey, petty, nit-picking, put an “R” on a donkey and call it a Republican, top down party leaders, are attracted by the demonstrated passionate fighting spirit of Senator Ted Cruz.  Senator Cruz has demonstrated on the floor of the United States Senate that he is willing to stand on principle even if he must stand alone.

Former Senator and current Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint was the first heavy-weight speaker to walk on stage wearing a big smile. He had reason to smile. Some of his political children had come to his home town to speak about running for President of the United States. Senators Rubio, Cruz and others would not have been in the Senate today without the support and backing of Jim DeMint. While serving as one of the few real conservatives in the Senate, DeMint  was working feverishly to elect more conservatives to help him in the Senate. Finally he concluded that he could accomplish more on the outside rounding up support for conservative lawmakers than in the Senate.  That is now his main goal at the Heritage Foundation.

Ambassador John Bolton is a very long shot as a nominee for President, however, he is a brilliant component in the field of conservative candidates.. His vast experience in defense matters, diplomacy and foreign affairs is unsurpassed. While serving his country at the United Nations, he fought valiantly to prevent North Korea and Iran from getting nuclear weapons. He understands the importance of United States support of Israel and can articulate the dangers inherent in the Obama lack of foreign policy better than anyone in the public arena.

In all, there were eleven presidential hopefuls and another eleven conservative non-candidate members of Congress and political pundits participating in the Freedom Summit.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has become a convincing campaigner. Had he done as well four years ago, among the timid group of candidates, he would likely have been a tough contender for the conservative vote. The field may be too crowded this time.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was sharp. He used no notes and wove a story of uncompromising conservatism reinforced by a strong Christian faith. Jindal has been minimized and criticized in the national media, however, a close-up look at this principled man reveals a  giant of a leader in his small frame.

The passion of Governor Scott Walker has been underestimated by some who heard him speak earlier. He left no doubt Saturday that he can rev up the passion and determination when necessary. He went over well with the Greenville crowd.

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