Christie would rebuild National Defense, enhance intelligence services and strongly support the Patriot Act


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie strolled into Timmy’s Country Ham House last Wednesday talking and more than an hour later strolled out talking.

Governor Christie is a tough talker with a charming personalty. He moved around in a small circle in the midst of a friendly crowd of more than 200 people giving his standard campaign speech and answering questions. The somewhat controversial governor thinks quickly on his feet and is skillful at modifying  questions to his liking.

He began by talking about the necessity to deal with entitlements, a topic he said the other Presidential candidates will not touch. He proposed means testing Social Security and reducing benefits for individuals earning in excess of $200,000 annually.

Like most other Republican candidates, he pledges to repeal Obama regulations and executive orders quickly to stimulate the economy and get the government boot off the necks of small business.

Christie would rebuild the nation’s defenses, enhance the intelligence services and strongly support the Patriot Act.

Governor Christie is an advocate of “compromise” with the opposition. He said compromise was a necessary tool for a Republican Governor in a Democrat state. He believes compromise will be necessary for any Republican President in the future. It was noteworthy and to be expected that no one in the audience challenged Christie on any position he took or statement he made. One could say that the power of his personality demands respect.

Several former residents of New Jersey and now living in Greenville attended the event. Christie spotted one man he knew who said he voted for the Governor twice. The first person he spotted when he walked in the room was a man in the back wearing a New Jersey tee shirt.

Christopher Christie is 52 years of age. He graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Political Science.  He went on to Seton Hall  University where he earned a law degree and was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1987, a year after he married Mary Pat Foster.

Governor Christie won the Republican nomination for Governor of New Jersey against more conservative Tea Party candidates. He went on to defeat the Democrat incumbent and was elected Governor in 2009.


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