Lawmakers Voted as Leftists Announced Plans to Lobby on the North Steps of the Capitol on Tuesday to Take Down What they Labeled the “Antiquated Symbol of Rebellion and Racism”


The South Carolina Senate voted 37 to 3  on Monday  afternoon to remove the Confederate battle flag from the Confederate Soldier Memorial to the Confederate Relic Room. This gesture is virtually meaningless since the flag flown on the Capitol Dome was stored in the Relic Room 15 years ago and this flag is only a replica of that banner.

The three Senators voting in opposition to the proposal were Lee Bright, Danny Verdin and Harvey Peeler.

The vote was on second reading of the bill with a third and final  reading set for Tuesday morning. The proposal will then move to the House for debate and a vote expected before weeks end.


Governor Nikki Haley, who did an about face to reverse her position on the battle flag at the Soldier Monument, issued the following statement after the Senate vote:

“The South Carolina Senate today rose to this historic occasion, with a large majority of members from both parties coming together in the spirit of unity and healing that is binding our state back together and moving us forward in the right direction. I applaud the Senate’s decisive action, look forward to the Senate giving the bill third reading in the morning and ask that the House act swiftly and follow the Senate’s lead.”

The position of Senator Lindsey Graham was not surprising:

“The overwhelming bipartisan vote by the South Carolina State Senate was the right and necessary thing to do for the future of our state. The Senate’s decision will allow us to go forward as a state more united and with  the realization that all of us must come together after the horrific tragedy in Charleston. The next step is for the South Carolina House of Representatives to act, and I believe they will act in a similarly responsible manner.”

The Senators rejected three proposed amendments. One proposed amendment would have substituted one of the Confederate national flags for the battle flag. A second proposed amendment wold fly the battle flag only on Confederate memorial day. The third amendment would present the proposal to the people of the state in a referendum. The Democrats and a majority of RINO Republicans would have no part of any amendment. They had seen that the liberal media and all the anti-southern political organizations were on a roll and they wanted to be on the winning side.

Some Senators were also fearful of political or physical reprisals against them and members of their families. Senator Lee Bright  proposed the referendum that was also supported by many members of the SCV who were willing to accept a decision that considered the will of the people in an honest election.

“I’m more against taking it down in this environment than any other time just because I believe we’re placing the blame of what one deranged lunatic did on the people that hold their Southern heritage high,” said Senator Bright.

Some House Republicans have proposed an amendment that would allow the American flag to be flown on the pole at the Confederate Soldier Memorial. House Democrats, sensing support for anything they want, will have no part of giving any quarter in recognition of Southern Heritage. House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford vowed that no Democrat would vote for a compromise bill that would leave the flagpole standing.

Observers not caught up in the emotional panic of the moment, including respected journalists such as  Charles Krauthammer, see this alleged spontaneous “ban the flag” movement as a “Lincolnesque”event. Lincoln was not interested in doing anything for slaves, however he found himself bogged down in an unpopular, unnecessary war and  needed an emotional cause to rally the people back home. Abolition of slavery in the South was the cause that worked. The Confederate battle flag is the cause that works for those who are determined that the South should not be allowed to rise again with their Bibles, guns and insistence on following the Constitution.

Michael and Kathy Chapman, in a letter to friends, expressed the views of many southern patriots:

“Currently we are in the midst of politically correct politicians who are leading or what I should say is being led by an ignorant public currently pushing to eradicate all of the symbols of the Old South. Their agenda has been ongoing for many years as they attempt to rewrite history as we know it to be true.”

The far-left political action organization held a news conference on the North steps of the State Capitol, Tuesday at 2 pm. They demanded that Governor Nikki Haley immediately hold a vote to remove the “symbol of rebellion and racism” that is “currently flying above the State Capitol building.”

They claimed to have 570,000 signatures to present to the Governor and Lawmakers demanding the flag be removed from above the capitol. Something that was done by order of Gov. Beasley 15 years ago. It is clear that results and not truth is important to these leftist activists.


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