Confederate Monument Vandalized

From efforts to change the name of Clemson’s Tillman Hall because Ben Tillman was a segregationist, to banishing the “Rebel” name from the Byrnes High School ball teams, and digging up the bones of Gen. Bedford Forrest and his wife,  unrestrained actions  are becoming more vindictive and destructive.

Vandals and politicians wishing to  revise history by destroying reminders of Southern and Confederate history are redoubling their efforts nationwide. Their efforts are virtually unrestrained by government officials; some of whom are encouraging and participating in the activities.

Parents and students at Byrnes High School in Spartanburg County have decided they are not going to be bullied and are taking a stand. They could be forced to comply by liberal courts that will eventually get involved.

It appears that elected officials are unaware of the seriousness of the divisive actions they have allowed to fester.

Last Friday about noon, Reidsville, North Carolina police received a call reporting the vandalism and spray painting of a monument honoring 1,800 Rockingham County residents who served in the Confederate Army. More than 600 of them died. Reidsville Police Chief Robert Hassell told the local FOX affiliate that during the lunch hour while workers in Greenview  Cemetery were absent, vandals damaged and spray painted nearly every flat surface of the monument.

“The monument is covered with spray paint, with such things as ‘KKK’, ‘Jim Crow’,’Slavery’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ written on it. After it was spray painted, the vandals threw red paint on it as well,” the Chief said.

“That’s not the way to do it. That is not the way to express yourself and get your viewpoint across to people.” Chief Hassell added: “This is definitely not something that is condoned, I’m sure, by the majority of the pubic.”

The vandalism occurred on the anniversary of the monument’s dedication when it was moved to the cemetery from the city square.

Flags and names of buildings may be debated in a fair and open manner without serious problems. Vandalism and destruction of monuments and   desecration of graves becomes personal and emotional and some observers fear that violence could result if not checked.

In virtually every town and county in the South, some group is attempting to change or do away with something. ISIS is destroying ancient historic Christian statues and art in the areas they control . Communist dictators routinely practice this form of historical revisionism. Time will tell whether we, as a free people, are capable of acting more civilized.


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Mike Scruggs