“I’ve had Talks About Being Presidential, About Toning It Down a Bit, Appealing to a Broader Group of People”

Retired neurosurgeon and former Republican presidential candidate  Dr. Ben Carson says he is a good influence on Donald Trump, the candidate he has endorsed. “You did notice that he wasn’t nearly as caustic in the last debate. People appreciated that. It’s a matter of cultivating and capitalizing on that,” said Carson in a recent Carson News release.

Some observers were surprised that Dr. Carson endorsed Trump rather than Senator Ted Cruz. In many respects Carson and Trump are alike. In reality, both Carson and Trump are outspoken and fearless. Carson is quiet and diplomatic and Trump is  the opposite.

Dr Carson acknowledges that he has not been totally successful, noting that he has not been able to prevent the recent spat between Trump and Ted Cruz over their wives. Carson said the story has grown because “the public craves scandal.”

Newsmax TV reported that the Trump organization had offered Carson a job in the administration.  He declined to confirm the report or comment on his reply.

More recently, Carson said he is not interested in a job in Trump’s administration should he win. He did indicate that he would rather serve as an advisor to Trump.

Dr Carson will be a valuable asset to Trump in the remainder of the primary states, but even more importantly in the General Election this fall. He has the talent and ability to call Democrats, Socialists and other opponents by uncomplimentary names without yelling or sounding angry.

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