I said, when the deal was first announced, that it was a fair deal. Boy was I wrong.

The legislation would actually allow local governments through which the border wall would built to block its construction. The legislation would also restrict where the border wall could be built. Coincidentally, several friends in the House of Representatives tell me it can only be built in areas where the local governments are overwhelmingly Democrat.

Likewise, the legislation would prohibit any sponsor of an unaccompanied minor from being deported. Not only that, anyone who could be classified as a “potential sponsor” would avoid deportation. On top of that, anyone living in the household of a sponsor or potential sponsor could avoid deportation. That just opens the door to MS-13 gang members to avoid deportation because they could be potential sponsors to unaccompanied minors or live in the households of sponsors and potential sponsors.

This really is not good. Republicans and Democrats, anticipating the President would go with an emergency declaration, is statutorily restricting where the wall can be built and providing clever loopholes to MS-13 to ensure they cannot be deported.

This deal is not fair. It is terrible and should be vetoed.

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