RICHMOND, Va, -- At a prayer vigil and rally sponsored by, Commonwealth for Life, participants will call for Governor Northam to embrace human rights and justice for all of Virginia's residents and work to end the violence of abortion and racism.

The "Listen to their Voices" rally will begin with a news conference on Thursday, February 21, at 9:30 AM in front of Virginia Union University at the corner of Admiral and Lombardy Streets.

The news conference will be followed by a rally featuring special speakers and at 10:30 AM, the group will enter the grounds of VUU for a peaceful prayer service just outside of Coburn Hall where the Governor was scheduled to appear.

Attendees of the "Listen to Their Voices" rally will be linking racism and the violence of abortion together and calling for Dr. Northam to step down as governor.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition and of the organizers, comments;

"It is stunning and troubling to see members of our Virginia Legislature and Governor Northam support legislation that embraces violence against children and allows for infanticide.  This is not a partisan political issue but rather an issue of human rights and justice.  We call upon Virginia to stand against violence and protect her children, which is, our state's greatest natural treasure.

"So, as people who cherish human rights, justice and equality for all, we will not be quiet on the issue of abortion or racism.  As Dr. King often stated; 'We cannot be silent on issues that matter.'  Our message is clear and passionate.  We will engage and pray tirelessly to ensure this kind of extremist, anti-child and pro-violence legislation never passes in our state and work for the removal of Dr. Northam as governor."

Diana Shores, the principal rally organizer said;

"This is a rally of citizens that began with a spark ignited by the introduction of bills such as ratification for the so called, 'Equal Rights Amendment,' and the bill by Delegate Tran that would strip Virginia law of life saving measures for a woman and her baby in the third trimester. This spark became a burning flame when the Governor of Virginia made immoral and outrageous comments that promoted infanticide.

"The people of Virginia are saddened by the pro-abortion agenda being pushed by its political leaders.  It's fitting that the first listening tour stop should be at Virginia Union University. People of the faith community, seeking social justice for the unborn, want to be heard by the Governor."

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Mike Scruggs