PLEASE NOTE - For candidates already in an office, I have been able to check voting records. My comments reflect their voting records over the course of their tenure. For those who have never run for office before, and who claim a position, I will state their claim, but understand I have nothing by which to verify that claim. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. A photo ID is required to vote in South Carolina. Most of the info on the state and local races came from the candidate’s websites or FB pages, so the info I list as their issues came from their sites.

This is the most consequential election in our country since the 1860 election; it will decide whether or not we will live in a democratic republic or something entirely different. In most years I put this together with the aim of speaking to the GOP and those who lean that way, and even though I don’t give minor parties much ink, I don’t try and convince them to vote differently than their party preference (although I do try to convince them that my arguments are correct) or to not vote their conscience. This year our freedoms and liberties are at risk, and they are on the ballot. In SC the focus is more on the Senate than on the White House.

Looking at what the Democrats have promised they will do if they get the keys to all the branches of government, the radical policies they have openly stated, and the ones that are still secret, brings me to the point of asking those of you who are Libertarians, Constitution, Conservative party voters to consider not voting for your chosen party, but to use your vote as a buttress against the Democrat ascension to power. I do not flippantly ask this of you; it is unfair to ask this and I wish I did not have to ask it. You have the right to vote your conscience and for your chosen party, but I ask that you consider that a lot of our freedoms are at risk in this election. So I am asking you to vote for Graham, as a vote against a Democrat-controlled Senate. The only chance for you to protect your own freedoms is to keep the Democrats out.

I don’t believe any political party has the right to force people to vote with them, or to remove those parties from the ballot, but the Dems have started to do that in the Rust Belt states. Think about this, they used the judiciary to remove a legitimate party’s candidate (Green Party) from the ballot so they would have a better chance of beating Trump in those states.

In some states, the race for a Senate seat and the President might be much closer. Again, I am going to ask those that are right-leaning minor parties supporters to consider using your vote to stop the Democrats. In almost all cases that will mean voting for the GOP candidate., Again I don’t think this is fair, but I do believe it is reality. Go online and listen to immigrants who have lived in socialist countries—they are reliving the traumas of losing their native countries. They see the same tactics and lust for power that they experienced as their native countries went from free states to socialist/authoritarian states.


Trump/Pence Republican

New York billionaire and businessman. Most of his businesses have been in real estate and casinos. Running as a populist, conservative, pro-American. He is an “outsider”. He has governed as a pro-life President, the most Pro-Life president we have ever had. Trump has been very pro-police, pro-gun rights, and a law-and-order President. He’s also come out against corruption and has been swinging at the media. One of his big issues is immigration—building a wall and closing the borders, especially from Middle East countries where there’s a potential security issue with proper vetting. Trump has been a strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment (right to bear arms) and is endorsed by the NRA.

They have accused him of everything from being a White supremacist, to colluding with the Russians to steal the last election. The Democrats and the mainstream media have thrown everything at him, from the kitchen sink to the bathroom sink to the plumbing and the dirt underneath. At this point, they don’t even care if it is true or not, if it is bad they will run with the story. They have even tried to remove him from office, in numerous ways, first though the trumped up charges in the Mueller report, and then through impeachment. They consider Trump to be illegitimately in office, and they have tried every possible Legal method to remove him and failed.

Trump has gotten more conservative policies and issues accomplished in his 4 years then any other GOP president elected in the last 100 years. His tax cut and his orders to eliminate regulations caused the economy to soar, and unemployment hit historic lows, for every group in the US, until Covid happened. Governors have kept their economies closed, causing a slower recovery. Even then, with at least 15 large states shut down, unemployment is back under 8%.

His choices for the Federal bench have been fantastic, and he has fought for his nominees even when the left went personal and tried to destroy his Candidate for the Supreme Court. I voted for him in 2016, but that vote was an anti-Hillary vote. I did not expect him to be as conservative as he has been, he still says stuff I wish he would not, and he is a bit of a bull in a china shop, but he has a fantastic record to win reelection with. Despite several other Republican Presidents promising to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem (acknowledging Israel’s right to Jerusalem), President Trump was the one to actually do it. He has also been a huge defender of religious freedoms both inside and outside the U.S. He is the first President in over 40 years to successfully negotiate peace treaties between Israel and 3 Arab nations. His administration also negotiated a peace treaty between Serbia and Kosovo. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 3 times.

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Democrat

Biden was the VP under Obama and Harris is currently a U.S. Senator from CA. Biden has been involved in national politics for over 47 years. Early in his career, he defended and supported some segregationists in his own party. He has recently had some gaffes that have been considered insensitive (i.e. “you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me). While Biden was VP they passed the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) with 0 Republican votes which caused millions of people across the country to lose their private health insurance and were forced to buy the very expensive ObamaCare policies. One of the provisions of ObamaCare stipulated that all entities must provide contraceptives and abortificants. The current Democrat Party does not believe in the right of conscience—the right of conscience is one of the basic freedoms protected by the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights under the freedom of religion. Both Biden and Harris are pro-choice. Harris is more pro-abortion than pro-choice. She was even willing to prosecute undercover reporters because they dared to prove that Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts for profit and adjusted their techniques during an abortion to do so. That case is still in court where they are being criminally prosecuted.

The Obama/Biden administration oversaw the weakest recovery from a recession in the history of the country. Their administration believed that more and more regulations would cause higher employment rates thus creating more jobs and a booming economy—reality was far different and in fact these policies impeded the recovery. GDP never reached 3% during their entire time in office.

Joe Biden has stated that he would hire Beto O’Rourke as his “gun czar”; if you remember, Beto O’Rourke was the one who said “he__, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” One of the items the Democrats have said they want to do if they get all the keys to power (Oval Office and both Houses of Congress) is to push through a mandatory gun confiscation. I don’t think they would stop at AR-15s and AK-47s. Both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have stipulated that they would support the Equality Act which would void any religious freedom exemptions, not only for private businesses, but also for religious schools, institutions, and churches. Harris has stated that she is in favor of the ongoing political riots and violence to accomplish radical changes. Policies like defunding the police and voiding your Second Amendment right to self-defense.

The Democrats are running a campaign in which they stipulate that our democracy is at risk--that President Trump threatens our democracy because he is an authoritarian and a fascist. I would call our country a democratic republic and I would agree that our republic is in peril—but it is not from Trump. There is a man by the name of Saul Alinsky who was a community organizer and Marxist. Hillary Clinton wrote a dissertation on him and Obama was taught his tactics. He wrote a book called The Rules for Radicals. The GOP does not use these tactics and most people don’t even know what they are. But at this point, the vast majority of Democrats in office and leaders in their party are more progressive than the Democrats of the 1980s. Today’s Democrats use these rules, one of which says accuse your political opponent of what you are doing. They are doing this left and right. Another rule stipulates that it doesn’t matter what the truth is--only what the people will believe.

The Democrats have craved and dreamt of a time where they can have unchecked power, meaning they would no longer need the consent of the governed. They want to eliminate the GOP as their major competitor and as a check on each other’s policies, meaning they no longer want to have to convince the American public and gain their consent. They would be able to simply decree. Examples of this are in your Democrat controlled/run states like CA, IL, WI, MN, MI, PA, NJ, MA, and several other states where the governors have used Draconian rules to forcibly shut down their economies and states for the last 6 months. In many cases, they are directly going after churches and in some states heavy-handed and by executive dictate/order not even getting the legislature to sign off on these rules. This is why when Justice Ginsburg died, they started openly stating that packing the Supreme Court was on the table, adding states to gain more U.S.senators, and ending the filibuster were tactics now on the table.

Joe Biden refuses to answer whether he will support packing the Supreme Court. During the Amy Barrett for Supreme Court hearings, there was a telling moment where, in response to Judge Barrett’s statement that she was not a queen who could dictate but had to follow the law, Senator Amy Klobuchar said “I wouldn’t mind being a queen around here.” There have been many instances where Obama or other party leaders have admired China’s ability to get things done because it is a one-party state and they have made positive comments towards Russia and other authoritarian states for the much the same reason.

In 2016 when Hillary Clinton said that Trump supporters were irredeemable deplorables, she meant it; and so does the Democrat Party. They are attacking with everything they have to stop Trump, not because they hate Trump (though some do), but because they hate the people he represents. If the current Democrat Party gains the keys of power to every branch of government, our republic will be over and they will fundamentally transform our country into something we will not recognize and they will use all the levers of power to ensure they stay in power this time.

One of the consequences if the Democrats win all the keys to power will be that several of our freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights will be nullified; the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments would all be in jeopardy. They are already under attack. James Clyburn who is the number three Democrat in the U.S. House stated this summer that if the Bill of Rights were brought up today, he did not think they would pass. Understand—they do not believe in these amendments. There are some in the Democrat Party who not only want to defund and/or eliminate the police force, but also want to bring charges against anyone who uses guns in self-defense. The case regarding the couple in Missouriproves this point.

We are blessed to live in a country where our policing and justice systems are based at the local level. Some countries have a national police force that answers to the head of state. In some countries, including China and Venezuela, the police force answers to the party in control. So if the Democrats want to completely restructure our systems of policing and justice, it is incumbent for us as Americans to ask specifically and pointedly what they intend to replace it with or do they want total and utter anarchy.

Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy Cohen Libertarian ticket

Ms. Jorgensen is from SC and holds fairly conservative views, especially gun rights, fiscal policy, and monetary policy. The Libertarian party in SC is not going to win the state. In SC the major home for conservatives is the GOP. She claims to be personally Pro-Life, but would not pursue it as policy.

Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker Green Party

Very far left, the Democrats in several states (PA, MI, and WI) have used the courts to forcibly remove these candidates from the ballot, essentially disenfranchising these party voters. I don’t agree with the Green Party at all, but I don’t think a party should use the power of the State to remove them so that the Dem party has a better chance of winning the states electoral college votes.

Roque De La Fuente/Darcy Richardson Alliance Party

I have no info on this party or candidates

Evert: I am most definitely voting for Trump/Pence.

US Senate

Lindsey Graham - Incumbent Republican

He is probably the most controversial candidate in South Carolina. He is center-right; not as conservative as Senator Tim Scott. He has supported President Trump in the Supreme Court Nominees and in many but not all of the foreign policy issues. He has a very good Pro-Life voting record. Wrote the legislation banning late term abortion, supports legal rights for babies who survive failed abortions. Is a staunch defender of our military and veterans. Since Pres. Trump was elected, Sen. Graham has moved more to the right in his politics. He has stated support for red flag laws which as a candidate that supports gun rights is really odd. He still tries to make too many deals with the Dems for my liking. He voted not to remove President Trump in the impeachment brought by the Democrats. As a member of the Judiciary committee he has helped President Trump get judicial nominees through the Senate, including Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and now ACB. The Left hates him for how he defended Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court and will do WHATEVER they have to do to defeat him. They are spending more money on this senate race than ANY US Senate race in the history of our country. Over 100 million dollars. They are trying to trick Conservatives into voting for the Bill Bledsoe who has dropped out of the race and endorsed Sen Graham. That speech that Senator Graham gave in the senate everyone should listen to it again-it saved Kavanaugh’s nomination and put a spine in a lot of week knee US Senators who were about to bail on the fight. Endorsed by the NRA (“A” rating); “B-“ rating from the GOA. Endorsed by Bill Bledsoe former Constitution candidate for U.S. Senate.

Jamie Harrison Democrat

Former chairman of the SC Democrat Party. Was a lobbyist in D.C. He is very far left. On the abortion issue, he is pro-abortion for all nine-months at taxpayer expense, no protection for surviving babies of abortion, he is so radical on this view that NRAL endorsed him last year when there were still 5 other candidates in the race. Supported the impeachment and removal of President Trump. He has been endorsed by groups advocating the defunding of the police. He openly calls Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton his mentors. He has not stated whether he would support packing the court. Endorsed by “Every Town for Gun Safety” (Bloomburg’s PAC for gun control). “F” from both the NRA and GOA.

Bill Bledsoe Constitution

Mr Bledsoe Had dropped out of the Senate Race and Endorsed Senator Lindsay Graham

Evert: I will be voting for Lindsey Graham. I know there are conservatives, who dislike Sen. Graham, and may want to skip this vote and wait for 6 years to pass and get a new Senator. 1st President Trump has asked you to vote for him, and secondly, if Trump wins again, and the Dems take over the senate(if Harrison wins that will happen), they will impeach the president again, and this time they will have the votes to remove him(Harrison supported it last time), so if you don’t vote for Sen. Graham, you loose Trump as President, and it is likely they will vote to remove Pence as well, so that Pelosi can advance to the White House. Also remember that several Senators Including Warren and Kamala Harris called for Kavanaugh to be impeached if they ever too the senate back, Gorsuch they consider to be illegitimate as well and you can bet they will go to impeach him as well. Besides the vote for President this race (in SC) is the most important race happening, many freedoms and liberties are on the ballot in this race. Since Justice Ginsburg passed, the left has open stated that they have plans for the country and the senate if they ever regain power in the Senate. They plan on ending the filibuster, if they win the President as well they will expand the Supreme court, either to 21 members, 15 members or they will settle for 13 members, I am betting on adding 6 so they have an absolute majority, add Puerto Rico and DC as states to pack the Senate, They want to cut CA in half as well but CA has to approve that. They will pass a mandatory gun confiscation law, and since they have the Supreme Court they wont have to worry about it being struck down. They also want to use the power of the state to eliminate the GOP so they can rule the country without having a major party that can stop their law to “Fix” the country. For those who love freedom and want to keep the republic we have, you don’t have a choice in this race, That is not fair to some of you, but that is the reality.

3rd District Congress

Jeff Duncan Republican

Probably the most conservative congressman representing our state. He has been a consistent conservative voice, even bucking the establishment and party leadership. Very strong 2nd Amendment values. Very strong fiscal and social conservative. He has been closely following and trying to protect freedom of speech through the social networks. Endorsed by the NRA (“A” ranking) and SC Life PAC. “A+” rating from GOA.

Hosea Cleveland Democrat

An insurance salesman. Served in the U.S. Army. Degree in civil engineering. Wants to expand Medicaid and make improvements to ObamaCare. In favor of free universal pre-school. Claims to support the Second Amendment, and yet favors universal background checks for all gun ownership, extending mandatory waiting periods and banning open carry. Wants to pass the Equality Act (which would remove First Amendment religious freedom protections). Received a “D” ranking from the NRA. Endorsed by “Every Town for Gun Safety” (Bloomburg’s PAC for gun control).

Evert: I enthusiastically support and endorse Jeff Duncan.

4th District Congress

William Timmons – Incumbent Republican

He is a former prosecutor in the Solicitor’s office. He’s an entrepreneur, a small-business owner (I believe he’s started 5–7 companies and still owns 3). He has served in Congress as a pro-business and Pro-Life. His top three issues are government debt, immigration, and restoring trust in government. He has a Pro-Life voting record. He’s probably one of the most unusual establishment candidates in that he actually is what I believe to be a reformer. He wants to clean up the corruption. He wants to solve problems. Endorsed by the SC Life PAC and the NRA (“A” ranking), and an “A” ranking from the GOA.

Kim Nelson Democrat

Graduate of “Emerge” which is a progressive training school for Democrat women candidates. Is Pro-Choice, wants to eliminate private insurance and transition to single-payer Medicare for all. In favor of the Green New Deal. Wants to raise taxes on corporations, raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, create free universal pre-school, make public colleges and trade school free and cancel all student loan debt & legalize Marijuana. Received an “F” ranking from the NRA. Endorsed by “Every Town for Gun Safety” (Bloomburg’s PAC for gun control), the Working Families Party (a leftist group), and NOW political action committee.

Michael Chandler Libertarian

Ran 4 years ago as the Constitution party candidate.

Evert: I will be voting for William Timmons.

5th District Congress

Ralph Norman – Incumbent Republican

Graduated from a Presbyterian college. Owned a property and construction company. Has been a consistent pro-traditional family conservative who also stands for fiscal responsibility and individual liberty. Favors a strong national defense. Endorsed by the National Right to Life PAC, the NRA (“A” ranking). Has an “A” rating from the National Taxpayers Union. 100% scores from the NFIB, Club for Growth, ACU, and GOA.

Moe Brown Democrat

Believes healthcare should be a right for all. Supports enhancing the existing ObamaCare. Pro-Choice, the Equal Rights Amendment, and the Equality Act (which would remove First Amendment religious freedom protections). Endorsed by Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker (NJ senator), James Clyburn, Moms Demand Action, Planned Parenthood, and “Every Town for Gun Safety” (Bloomburg’s PAC for gun control). “F” from the NRA.

Evert: I would vote for Ralph Norman.

S.C. Senate (4 years) Most are unopposed. I will list those with no comments.

STATE Senate District # 3

Richard Cash - Incumbent Republican

Very conservative. Pro-Life leader. Strong supporter of Second Amendment rights. Endorsed by the NRA (“A” ranking) and SC Life PAC.

Judith Polson Democrat

Very liberal. Graduate of “Emerge” which is a progressive training school for Democrat women candidates. Received an “F” ranking from the NRA. Endorsed by “Every Town for Gun Safety” (Bloomburg’s PAC for gun control), & SC Planned Parenthood.

Evert: I would vote for Richard Cash.

STATE Senate District # 5

Tom Corbin - Incumbent Republican

Local small businessman. Lifetime member of the NRA. 100% Pro-Life voting record. Definitely a social and fiscal conservative. He has been an advocate of several reforms to help everyday citizens, rather than specific business interests. Made it easier to deal with agencies and reduced paperwork. He is a working man who became a SC state senator. Strong advocate of the Second Amendment. Endorsed by: NRA with an “A” rating, SC Life PAC—Pro-Life Committee, former Sen. Lewis Vaughn, Dave Edwards of Edwards Toyota in Spartanburg, and Republican Liberty Caucus.

Michael McCord Democrat

Insurance agent. His website self-identifies him as a progressive (far left). He lists membership in the Greenville County Democrat Party and the SC Equality Board of Directors. He and his gay spouse are raising a 6-year old son. Pro-Choice. Against funding for charter schools. Wants to expand Medicaid for SC and a living wage and favors legalizing euthanasia. Endorsed by Planned Parenthood. “F” ranking from the NRA.

Evert: I would vote for Tom Corbin.

STATE Senate District # 6

Dwight Loftis - Incumbent Republican

Experienced legislator. Initially campaigned as a conservative Republican and has stayed true to those conservative values throughout his career. Member of Clearview Baptist Church. Co-sponsor of school choice legislation in the state house and has been a leader on education reform for nearly his entire tenure. In 2016, he supported Ted Cruz for President. A faithful fiscal conservative. Voted against the gas tax. Former small business owner. In his last election he received a 100% ranking from the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Businesses), a small business group. Has a very strong Pro-Life record. Endorsements of SC Life PAC and has a 100% Pro-Life voting record. A strong defender of gun rights. Endorsed by the NRA (“A” ranking). His record speaks for itself on these issues. Advocating on behalf of law enforcement.

Hao Wu Democrat

Former medic in the U.S. Army. Major issues are more money for public schools, more funding for roads in the district, and expanding Medicaid in SC. He does not stipulate where he is on any other issues on his website. Received an “F” ranking from the NRA.

Evert: I would vote for Dwight Loftis. Dwight has been a consistent conservative vote. He is one of those quiet, faithful doers who faithfully works behind the scenes without seeking a spotlight, but enjoys the hard labor of getting good conservative legislation passed through the House. Further, he is one of the few people who have served as long as he has without being changed and corrupted.

STATE Senate District # 07

Carl B. Allen- Incumbent Democrat

An attorney. Against voter ID. One of the main people to kill the Party Registration bill. He was the main sponsor for a criminal justice reform bill which dealt with re-integrating inmates to society after they had served their time; it was then used as a national model. Endorsed by the Sierra Club and SC Education Union. Received a rating of 83% from the NFIB (a pro-small business org). Pro-Choice. Got a “D” from the NRA.

Jack Logan Republican

Seems to be running on one issue—gun safety. Founder of Put Down the Guns Now Young People.

Pro-choice. Has stated he is in favor of raising taxes. Favors mandating licenses for gun ownership.

Evert: This is the majority-minority district. I would write-in the name of someone you know.

STATE Senate District # 08

Ross Turner, (R) Unopposed

STATE Senate District # 09

Danny Verdin, (R) Unopposed

STATE Senate District # 11

Josh Kimbrell Republican

Josh grew up in northern Spartanburg County. Graduated from North Greenville University. Started his business career in banking and now owns an airline company. My wife and I first met Josh while doing door-to-door campaign for another local campaign—he was still in college at the point. He has worked for Governors Sanford and Haley. Josh has been one of the voices to push for changes in the Executive branch (giving it more authority) and reducing the State leg power to run the state. Josh has been a leader on conservative issues for a long time. For the last ten years, he has started two conservative orgs, had a radio show called “Common Cents” where he espouses and pushes conservative fiscal and social values, and has campaigned for conservatives. (Josh is extremely articulate and passionate and, through his radio show, has learned the art of convincing the undecided. He is an excellent spokesman for our conservative values in South Carolina. That’s one of his main talents. Running to bring conservative Values to District 11. Endorsed by NRA (“AQ” ranking), SC Life PAC and SC Conservative Future( John Warrens group.

Glenn Reese - Incumbent Democrat

Senator Reece is a Democrat that has focused most of his career on constituent services and at one point in time he was a conservative Dem. Now he is part of the “Good ole boy” group that would resist changes in the structure of our state government. In recent years you can see his drift left by supporting gun restrictions (in 2004, he had an “A” ranking from the NRA, this year was a 42% from the NRA) and voting against Pro-Life legislation and supporting more taxes and restrictions on business. Received a “C” ranking from the NRA. Received a 5% rating from the Club for Growth; his lifetime ACU (American Conservative Union) rating is 15%.

Evert: I would vote for Josh Kimbrell.

STATE Senate District # 12

Scott Talley - Incumbent Republican

Attorney who graduated from Wofford College. He has been on the Judiciary Committee in the House. 100% Pro-Life voting record. Is in favor of more Charter schools and educational reform. Not in Favor of Red Flag laws, has filed a bill to restructure how we elect judges after the Federal model (Gov appoint, Leg approval); and had filed legislation clarifying the law regarding Exec Orders; believes the governor has overstepped his authority with the continued Exec Orders. He’s very much somebody who can work well within the caucus; he puts together coalitions and gets big issues accomplished. Maybe not perfectly, but advancing in the right direction. The longer he has been in office the more conservative he has become. He will also tell you how to get what you want accomplished, and if it is not possible, will tell you. Very transparent and yet firm in his convictions. Endorsed by the NRA (“A” ranking) & SCLife PAC

Dawn Bingham Democrat

She is an OB/GYN , professor and mother of 4. Campaigning on expanding Medicare, enacting a living wage, equal pay for equal work, and invest in the Green economy. States that we need to declare racism a public health crisis, and is an advocate for “common sense gun safety policies” Received an “F” ranking from the NRA. Endorsed by “Every Town for Gun Safety” Bloomburg’s PAC for gun control, & SC Planned Parenthood.

Evert: I would vote for Scott Talley

STATE Senate District # 13

Shane Martin, (R) Unopposed

SC House District 10

West Cox, (R) Unopposed

SC House District 16

Mark Willis, (R) Unopposed

SC House District 17

Mike Burns, (R) Unopposed

SC House District 21

Bobby Cox, (R) Unopposed

SC House District 23

Chandra Dillard, (D) Unopposed

SC House District 24

Bruce Bannister, (R) Unopposed

SC House District 27

Garry Smith, (R) Unopposed

SC House District 31

Rosalyn Henderson – Myers, (D) Unopposed

SC House District 32

Max T Hyde, (R) Unopposed

SC House District 36

Rita Allison, (R) Unopposed

SC House District 37

Steven Long, (R) Unopposed

SC House District 38

Josiah Magnuson, (R) Unopposed

SC House District 18

Tommy Stinger - Incumbent Republican

As someone who has been involved in accounting and financial planning, Mr. Stringer has been a huge asset to the state house leadership in determining where many agencies try to hide extra money. He has been one willing to raise taxes to pay for roads, but also has usually tried to get changes in the current structure of the DOT. Receive 90% from the Club for Growth. Endorsed by the NRA (with an “A” ranking). 100% Pro-Life voting record. Endorsed by the SC Life PAC.

Benjamin Smith Democrat

Favors passing hate crimes laws protecting LGBTQ and minorities. Wants more money for education to fix our broken schools. Very opposed to school choice. Wants to “protect your right to worship …” (this means he wants to protect your right to worship within your church but not to practice your faith in your life). Received an “F” from the NRA. Endorsed by “Every Town for Gun Safety” Bloomburg’s PAC for gun control.

Evert: I would vote for Tommy Stringer.

SC House District 19

Patrick Haddon - Incumbent Republican

Small business owner. Sees the problems with government inefficiencies and regulations that get in the way of small businesses. Former chairman of the Greenville County GOP. Both a fiscal and social conservative. Endorsed by the NRA (with an “A” ranking). 100% Pro-Life voting record. Endorsed by the SC Life PAC & SC Conservative Future ( John Warren’s group.

Jevarus Howard Democrat

Veteran. Local business owner. Community volunteer. Wants to be an advocate at the State House. Wants to improve education. In favor of raising taxes, legalizing euthanasia, and wants to require licenses for all gun owners. Received an “F” from the NRA. Endorsed by “Every Town for Gun Safety” Bloomburg’s PAC for gun control, and Planned Parenthood.

Evert: I would happily vote for Patrick Haddon. He is the conservative choice.

SC House District 20

Adam Morgan - Incumbent Republican

Attorney. Manages the Majesty Music business in town. 100% Pro-Life voting record. Both a fiscal and social conservative Received hero of the taxpayer from the Club for Growth. Endorsed by the SC Life PAC, the NRA (“A” ranking), and SC Conservative Future ( John Warren’s group.

Stephen Dryfus Democrat

Has worked for over 3 decades as an alcohol and drug addiction counselor as either a state or a county employee. Writer for Daily Kos, which is a progressive (leftist) blog site. Worked on the Bernie Sanders for President campaign. Wants to legalize marijuana, restrict gun rights & to eliminate the Electoral College. Received an “F” from the NRA. Endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Very Far Left Progressive

Evert: I would enthusiastically vote for Adam Morgan. Planned Parenthood has targeted this race. Make sure you get out and vote for Adam

SC House District 22

Jason Elliott - Incumbent Republican

Former staffer of former Senator Jim DeMint. Attorney. Has been involved in politics locally for a long time. He has proven to be a fiscal conservative with his record while in Columbia. He has a 100% Pro-Life voting record. He has received an “A” ranking from the NRA . Endorsed by NRA and SC Life PAC.

B K Brown Democrat

This is not the first time Brown has run against Elliott. He is not conservative at all. Only money raised he gave.

Evert: Because of the makeup of this district, if Republicans do not get out and vote, this race could be a whole lot closer due to anticipated high turnout for the U.S. Senate seat. So make sure you get out and vote don’t get caught not paying attention to this race because the opponent is not actively campaigning.

SC House District 25

Leola Simpson Democrat

Former school board member. On some of the social issues, she is at least approachable. Got an “F” ranking from the NRA. It is interesting to note, however, that she was not endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

Darath Mackie Republican

Commercial real estate agent. Running to be an advocate for smart, responsible growth in the district. Wants to work closely with the SC Dept of Commerce and other state and municipal agencies. Wants to be an ambassador for new industry trends (i.e., green building initiatives). Received a “D” from the NRA.

Tony Boyce Independent

Mr. Boyce has run for this position several times in the past. He is a local pastor whose campaign issues are reducing high energy costs and reducing high incarceration rates. Endorsed by “Every Town for Gun Safety” Bloomburg’s PAC for gun control.

Evert: I don’t know how I would vote in this race.

SC House District 28

Ashley Trantham – Incumbent Republican

Commercial real estate agent and works in the family business at The Happy Cow Creamery. Received an “A” rating from the NRA, has a 100% Pro-Life voting record. Endorsed by the NRA & SC Life PAC & SC Conservative Future ( John Warrens group.

Ty Washington Democrat

IT professional. Very liberal. Wants to pass legislation mandating a “living wage” (code for a minimum wage above $15/hr). Received a rating of “AQ” from the NRA. He was a paid campaign worker for the Bernie Sanders for President campaign. Endorsed by Planned Parenthood. While he worked on the Sanders campaign, a fellow campaign worker made accusations against him no charges were ever brought. While that has caused issues for his campaign, he is entitled to due process.

Evert: I would vote for Ashley Trantham. I think she is a good representative and a fresh voice in Columbia.

SC House District 33

Travis Moore Republican

Graduated from Dorman High and then went to the Citadel where he was on the dean’s and president’s lists honors and served on the honor court. Graduated from the Citadel’s Honors program in 2002. He was then commissioned as an infantry officer in the U.S. Army. Awarded the Combat Infantryman’s Badge and a Bronze Star. Also a graduate of the USC School of Law. Served under Trey Gowdy in the Solicitor’s Office and now is an attorney in private practice. Received an “AQ” ranking from and the endorsement of the NRA. Endorsed by the SC Life PAC.

Thomas Riddle Constitution

Claims he is a Constitutionalist and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and the whole Constitution. Wants to have better schools.

Evert: I would vote for Travis Moore. Riddle seems to be a nice guy, but I like the credentials that Mr. Moore brings to the table.

SC House District 35

Bill Chumley – Incumbant Republican

Consistent fiscal and social conservative. I would consider him to be a Tea Party conservative. Consistently fought to improve the immigration system for legal immigration. 100% Pro-Life voting record. 100% NFIB voting record. Endorsed by SC Life PAC and the NRA (“A” ranking).

Helen Pendarvis - Democrat

Para-legal. Part of the guardian ad litum program. Believes in the “living wage” and that no person who has a job should be without a home. Endorsed by Planned Parenthood. NRA rank of “F.” She is a graduate of “Emerge,” which is a progressive training school for Democrat women candidates.

Evert: I would happily vote for Bill Chumley.

Greenville County Sheriff

Hobart Lewis Republican

Born in the Poe Mill community, went to Travelers Rest High School, then joined the U.S. Army. Joined the Greenville County Sheriff's Office Cadet Program in 1986, and joined the Greenville Co. Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) in 1986. In 1994 moved over to the Greer PD and served 10 years in the Greer police department as a Patrolman, Corporal, and a Sergeant. He also served as a Uniform Patrol Sergeant, Traffic Sergeant, Community Patrol Sergeant, and was the Tactical Team Commander. He has six priorities he wants to address: recruit and retain qualified deputies, focus on property and person crimes, restore public trust, engage with the Greenville Co. Community, be fiscally conservative with the Sheriff’s resources, and create and renew mutual aid with other law enforcement agencies. He is against Red Flag laws and in favor of Constitutional carry and a member of the NRA. Favors working with ICE in regards to illegal aliens. Sheriff Lewis was elected in a special election earlier this year.

Paul Guy Democrat

20-year veteran of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. He has served on both the Fugitive Task Force and the Federal Drug Task Force. He has been an investigator in the department. Created a local non-profit named Race Matters that studies race relations in Greenville Countyand has worked to decrease gang membership.

Evert: I would happily vote for Sheriff Hobart Lewis.

Clerk of Court

Paul Wickensimer, Republican, Unopposed


B Parks Evans, Republican, Unopposed

Register of Deeds

Tim Nanney, Republican, Unopposed

Greenville County Soil & Water Conservation Dist

Margaret Harrison - Unopposed

County Council District 18

Mike Barnes, Republican. Unopposed

County Council District 21

Chris Harrison, Republican. Unopposed

County Council District 20

Steve Shaw Republican

Attorney who specializes in urban and regional planning. Pro-Life. Extremely strong backer of the Second Amendment. He has written at least one book in reference to gun laws and concealed carry provisions. His passion is the Second Amendment.

Farris Steele Johnson Democrat

Works for a local non-profit. Graduated from Clemson. As far as I can tell, this candidate is one of the few openly running on an LGTB platform. Most of the early campaign speeches were in reference to the “anti-LGTB resolution” (the Pro-Family Resolution that County Council passed in 1996).

Evert: I would vote for Steve Shaw.

County Council District 22

Stan Tzouvelekas Republican

Local businessman. He has owned a local restaurant and helped bring Top Golf to the area. He is a center-right candidate.

Samantha Wallace Democrat

Started a magazine dealing with regional food culture. She led the Upstate representation for the Women’s March in D.C. following Trump’s election and is a founding member and first chairman of “Emerge” which is a progressive training school for Democrat women candidates. “Emerge has an incredibly effective, yet beautifully simple focus on training the next generations of progressive women leaders to both run, win in campaigns, and be ready to serve once in office” (Ms. Wallace’s own words about Emerge). She wants to pass a resolution recognizing racism as a public health crisis. She is in favor of an anti-bias ordinance (anti-religious, anti-speech codes). She is in favor of a Community Equity Council and a Citizens’ Oversight Board for the Sheriff’s Office. This woman is one of the most progressive (leftist) candidates we have ever had run for local office in Greenville. In reading on her website and other sources, I suspect she would be in favor of the Defunding the Police movement—you would have to ask her to verify. The fact that she was a leader from the local community to the Women’s March in D.C. tells me that she is notPro-Life since that march was mostly focused on abortion rights.

Evert: I would vote for Stan Tzouvelekas. He is a far better choice for this seat. Conservatives and Republicans need to be sure to vote in these local races. With the senate campaign for Mr. Harrison spending so much money, this could be a race that could flip if we don’t pay attention and vote.

County Council District 24

Liz Semans - Incumbent Republican

Chief of staff at Furman University. She has been the ally of the control-growth and is for passing tree ordinances, higher taxes, less business-friendly agenda. She’s a downtown establishment type.

Amanda McDougold Scott Democrat

She has worked for non-profits her entire career. She wants to expand pre-K education. She is in favor of a “living wage” (which is another way of saying she wants to raise the minimum wage to north of $15/hr.). She is an advocate for more government involvement in healthcare. She is a graduate of “Emerge” which is a progressive training school for Democrat women candidates.

Evert: I would vote for Liz Semans.In listening to Ms. McDougold Scott’s videos and reading what she has written, Ms. McDougold Scott is a liberal who wishes to advocate for liberal causes. She is one of four county council candidates recruited to help remove the county’s Pro-Family Resolution. I would consider Ms. McDougald Scott to be a progressive. She uses the code words progressives uses (i.e., stakeholder, living wage, healthcare for all, children are being left behind, etc. which all sound good, but have hidden agendas). I would consider Ms. Semans to be a moderate at best, but I will take a moderate over a liberal. Conservatives and Republicans need to be sure to vote in these local races. With the senate campaign for Mr. Harrison spending so much money, this could be a race that could flip if we don’t pay attention and vote.

County Council District 25

Ben Carper Republican

A realtor and a preacher. Running to help the West Side of Greenville get economic growth. Wants to protect individual liberty and property. Pro-business; against city annexation. Pro-Life and support of the Second Amendment. Endorsed by County Councilman Joe Dill and Sheriff Hobart Lewis.

Ennis Fant - Incumbent Democrat

Mr. Fant is very liberal. He was the main driver behind removing the pro-family resolution that Greenville County Council passed in 1996. Generally votes for higher taxes and more regulation. He has advocated for the Anti-Bias Ordinance (this is basically anti-free speech, anti-freedom of religion, etc.).

Evert: I would vote for Ben Carper.

County Council District 27

Butch Kirven - Incumbent Republican

Mr. Kirven is the current council chairman. On the issues over the years he is what I would deem to be a moderate. He has supported tax increases. Retired general from Army National Guard. He has received a lot of criticism over his handling of the Covid shutdown.

Will Morin Democrat

Worked in sports medicine and has been an EMT for 20 years. He has a master’s degree in public administration. Believes “cars are a cancer and more roads only metastasize that cancer” (per the Democrat website in reference to funding for the Swamp Rabbit Trail). He is an extreme environmentalist as demonstrated by the quote above. In 2018 he was the Democrat candidate for the 4th Congressional District but lost in the primary. Wants affordable and sustainable housing.

Evert: Mr. Morin sounds as if he is quite liberal. I would vote for Butch Kirven.

S Tyger River Watershed – 3 seats to fill

Gary Hicks, David McAlhany, Robert Willis, David Wolfe

Rabon Creek Watershed – 3 seats to fill

Bobby L Balcombe(I), Brian Brownlee, Roosevelt Lancaster(I)

Dunklin Fire Dist – 2 seats to fill

James Calvert, Matt Sims

Piedmont Public Service Dist – 2 seats to fill

Andrigoula Karanikas, Rudy Rhodes(I) Charlene Spelts

Evert: For these 4 special service districts, there are two boards where more than can be seated are running. If those of you who are in the district like what is happening, send the incumbents back and someone of your choice. Very few people vote in these, because no one knows about the candidates, I have not found anything online.

Greenville County School Board (non-partisan)

District 17

Carolyn Styles

Retired Skyline Elementary School principal. Adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Education at North Greenville University.

Dollie Collins

Registered nurse. Lived in the county for 4 years. Endorsed by the outgoing board member, Joy Grayson. This tells me she is on the liberal establishment side.

Evert: This is an open seat. I would vote for Carolyn Styles.

District 19

Ashley Martin

Sonographer. Single mom of 3 boys. One of the candidates running to return to kids to school 5-days a week. Endorsed by Brandon Smith after he withdrew.

Brandon Smith

Retired from the U.S. Army. He was running as a conservative, but has suspended his campaign and is asking people to vote for Ashley Martin whose views are close to his own.

Debi Bush (Incumbent)

Part of the board who always votes to raise taxes whenever possible.

Evert: I would vote for Ashley Martin.

District 21

Angie Mosley

Director of a non-profit. Running on getting students back to school 5-days a week, in-person, especially for special needs, minorities, and low income students.

Kimberly Wooten

Registered nurse. Lives in Greer. Running on getting students back to 5-days a week, in-person school.

Roy Chamlee (Incumbent from a special election)

Retired attorney. Lives in Greer. Considered about getting children to read at grade level.

Evert: I vote for Angie Mosley.

District 23

Glenda Morrison Fair (Incumbent) Unopposed (liberal)

District 25

Jennifer Tanner

Business owner. Former educator. Lives in Piedmont. Running because she feels students are being denied their right to a quality education and that their parents concerns are being ignored. Currently has 3 children enrolled in the public school system.

Michelle Goodwin Calwile (Incumbent)

Retired from Grvl County schools in July; willing to increase taxes.

Tabatha Crawford

Business owner. Grew up in Greenville. Wants to be an ambassador for her community.

Evert: I would vote for Jennifer Tanner.

District 27

Sarah Dulin

Mother. Previous small business owner. Grew up in the Upstate; moved back here 5 years ago. She has the distinction of having children in the public school system. Advocate of family choice in education. Wants to go back to 5-days a week, in-person, classroom instruction. Has experience in teaching children with special needs and circumstances. Claims to be a staunch fiscal conservative.

Warner Bouzek

Owner of King Tut Grill and is also in real estate. Wants the kids back in school 5 days a week. Claims to have been the chairman of the Upstate Friends of the NRA. Wants to split the district into smaller districts.

Kori Hilson

College admissions coach and tutor. She has served on local PTAs.

Evert: I would vote for Sarah Dulin.


About the Author, Evert Headley

Evert has been involved with politics since 1989, both at state and local levels. He considers himself to be a Reagan conservative (conservative on social, economic, and national security issues). His first issue is always the Right to Life (without that right, which is endowed by our Creator, none of the other rights even exists). His second issue is always the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms) because this right guarantees the ability of individuals and states to defend the other rights. His third issue is always the First Amendment (freedom of religion, speech and assembly). His fourth issue is the defense of capitalism and the defeat of Socialism/Marxism/Fascism, along with the protection of private property rights. On the national level, we are printing too much money, spending too much money, and borrowing too much money. The federal government is trying to usurp and infringe upon the rights reserved to the states and to the individuals.

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