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Our nation’s obsession with being “woke” has overtaken the Democratic-led House of Representatives. Rather than work for the American people, they continue to use their power for shallow act of “righteousness.” First up, last week Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the creation of a select committee on the January 6th Capitol riot. She stated:

It is imperative that we establish the truth of that day, and ensure that an attack of that kind cannot happen and that we root out the causes of it all. The select committee will investigate and report on the facts and the causes of the attack and it will make report recommendations for the prevention of any future attack.”/em>


According to CNN, Pelosi’s commission will include eight members, and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is allotted “five slots ‘in consultation’ with Pelosi — meaning the House Speaker could veto McCarthy’s selections.” As you may recall, in May the Senate failed to pass legislation creating a 9/11 style select committee on January 6th and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has yet to bring the legislation back to the Floor for another vote. Prior to Schumer’s failed attempt at passing the Senate Select Committee, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stated:

There is, has been and there will continue to be no shortage of robust investigations by two separate branches of the federal government…It’s not at all clear what new facts or additional investigation yet another commission could actually lay on top of existing efforts by law enforcement and Congress.”

Clearly, the Democrats think they can find something that federal law enforcement cannot. But, the uselessness of the House does not stop there. On Tuesday, the lower Chamber passed H.R. 3005 to remove certain statues from the U.S. Capitol. These include the bust of Chief Justice Robert Taney and confederate leaders, like John C. Calhoun. The bill reads:

While the removal of Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney’s bust from the United States Capitol does not relieve the Congress of the historical wrongs it committed to protect the institution of slavery, it expresses Congress’s recognition of one of the most notorious wrongs to have ever taken place in one of its rooms, that of Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney’s Dred Scott v. Sandford decision.”

This “removal” is another lame attempt at making reparations for the nation’s sins. While some of the figures in the Capitol may not deserve to be venerated, Congress is usurping their power in this legislation by taking away a state’s right to determine if and when they want a statue removed. As you may know, each state has two statues represented in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall — a point of pride for many tourists. So, instead of legislating statue removal in the Halls of Congress, state legislators should be called upon to remove them. This ensures that it is indeed the will of the people desiring a statue to be removed, not just House Democrats.

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