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Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 12:40 PM


First Published in 1994


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ChinaAid Relifious Freedom for All

MIDLAND, Texas -- Since 2006, ChinaAid released annual reports covering the CCP's oppression and persecution of Chinese Christians. Their reports are derived from an extensive network of Christians throughout the country in order to expose abuse of human rights, religious freedom, and rule of law. Due to the Communist Regime's extensive digital surveillance and totalitarian nature, the cases found within are not exhaustive. However, ChinaAid's report stands as one of the most comprehensive and accurate overviews of Chinese Christian persecution.

Last year, ChinaAid observed day by day the CCP's escalated persecutions against Christian churches and Christians in mainland China, which explains why churches and Christians became increasingly afraid of exposing their lived persecution experiences to the outside world.

2022 saw continued escalation of persecution as well as new methods. For example, 2022 saw an increase in "fraud" charges against house church pastors and leaders. The authorities claimed that tithing and offerings were illegal, even though such practices have been maintained as a tradition. Also, the central government implemented strict regulations against religious content on the internet to remove Christianity from cyberspace.

ChinaAid's president and founder Bob Fu commented on the highlights of the report:

"The CCP implemented various strategies against Christians in 2022. By using the new measures against religious content online and the infamous zero-COVID policy, authorities limited or eliminated Christian gatherings. By using charges of 'fraud,' the Chinese government financially suffocated the house church movement. We are gravely concerned about how the Communist Regime also treats the state-sanctioned church. Previously, they asked for sole allegiance to the Communist Party, but since the 20th National Party Congress, they shifted their emphasis to aligning with Xi Jinping. Their goal is not only to curate a 'socialist-friendly' church; they hope to erase it. The international community needs to know about these trends and developments as China continues to rise on the global stage.