CUERO, Texas – A pastor in Texas is calling Southern Baptists to be alarmed about promotion of social justice within the Southern Baptist Convention. Pastor Arnold, a lifelong Southern Baptist, declares that “most Southern Baptist churches have no idea how wide or deeply rooted that social justice is in the Convention.”
As a result, pastor Arnold has submitted a resolution against social justice to the Southern Baptist Convention, that will consider his resolution at their annual meeting being held June 12-13 in Dallas. Within the resolution, Arnold states that social justice activism is “a vehicle to promote abortion, homosexuality, gender confusion, and a host of other ideas that are antithetical to the gospel.”

The resolution further quotes from former Fox News broadcaster Glenn Beck, who, in a May 2010 broadcast caused a stir by calling on Christians to “run as fast as you can” away from churches that teach social justice.
Russell Moore who is president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty, an arm of the Southern Baptist Convention that receives a budget of over 4 million dollars annually, is mentioned as bringing the Southern Baptist Convention to a “crisis point” by actively promoting social justice. Moore, who is no stranger to controversy, has articles dating back to 2009, actively calling Southern Baptists to embrace social justice.
Pastor Arnold warns in his resolution that denominations that have embraced social justice have rapidly dropped in membership and have become more liberal in their theology. “If Southern Baptists are concerned with having conservative theology and want to avoid even further numerical losses, they need to talk to their pastors, local associations and state conventions, and tell them to take a firm stand against social justice.”
“If Southern Baptists in the heartland knew the extent that social justice was being promoted in the Convention, they would be aghast. Southern Baptists need to know that their cooperative program dollars are going to an agenda they don’t agree with.”
“If Southern Baptists don’t rise up and take a stand now, then in a few years they will be seeing books in their Lifeway bookstores promoting liberation theology, black theology and feminism and, in their literature, they will be called upon to understand their “white privilege” and the need to feel guilty about it.”
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