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(Based on an Article by the Author in The Times Examiner October 10, 2001)

Almost twenty years ago, The Times Examiner published my article under the same title (without the “retrospective” portion).  As part of my usual research, I came across this old writing and was intrigued by it.  How much of what I wrote then, I wondered, had changed, and how much had stayed the same?  I’m going to use my original words (emboldened in ‘black’), with any new thoughts printed in the normal shade of black).  Let’s see what, if anything, has changed over those intervening years.

For decades there has been much confusion between those who call themselves ‘conservatives’ and those who call themselves ‘liberals’.  The average citizen isn’t always certain where he or she stands in the political spectrum, but often tends to go along with our modern liberals since they control most of the national media and usually do their best (or their worst) to deny national exposure of any political views contrary to their own. Let’s be honest with ourselves:  The vast majority of those who control the electronic and print media are leftists—mostly members of The Klan of New Bolsheviks. Some amount of them are committed Marxists.  Despite the ongoing onslaught against and purge of conservative voices from most of the liberal/Marxist/ “woke social media” platforms currently in use, today there are, thankfully, some notable and patriotic examples to the contrary in various national media, starting with the writers here in the Christian/Conservative Times Examiner, begun back in 1994 by the Christian Patriots Col. Bobby & LaVerle Dill; the writers for The New American magazine, probably the most truthful and most accurate nationally known ‘conservative’ and ‘Americanist’ magazine in the country (which is being severely attacked by the leftist “social” media, particularly Facebook); the great patriot, John Di Lemme and his hard-hitting Conservative Business Journal with its host of patriotic writers and speakers on his video broadcasts, with a large circulation; John Guandolo and his writers in ‘Understanding the Threat’, truly brave patriots who have endured the threats and intimidations directed against them by the Satanic minions of C.A.I.R. and assorted Islamic butchers and murderers.

Of course, there are other great patriotic sites, hosted by gifted Americanist writers, some of which are the written word and some of which are video versions only, including Jay Sekulow and his American Center of Law and Justice; Gary Franchi and his Next News Network; David Kupellan (and its founder, Joe Farah) with the indomitable World Net Daily (WND);  Brigitte Gabriel and her Act for America (a truly heroic woman who battles the evils of Islam); and Tom Fitton, with his Judicial Watch.  These are sites and writers that I trust.  You may have  your own list, but please make sure they stand for religious freedom, constitutional AMERICANISM, free speech, the 2nd Amendment, etc.  If they don’t, then encourage them to do so or stop supporting them!

The Founding Fathers of our country considered themselves “liberals” because they believed in freedom.  They were the true liberals, in the classic sense, for they revolted against the dictatorial use of political power.  The liberal patriots of the American Revolution didn’t really revolt against the payment of unjust taxes (they should see the ‘unjust tax’ situation today), but against the idea that the King and his government had  unlimited power to do whatever they pleased. 

Our forefathers in colonial times didn’t trust governments.  They were even suspicious of the one they themselves created, which is why they bound it with the chains of a written Constitution and a few years later with the Bill of Rights.  They knew that the main threat to a citizen’s life, liberty, and property is not an outside invader or a group of sinister terrorists, but the very government under which he lives.  Today, however, not only are our rights to live peacefully, to enjoy privacy, to travel freely, to speak without fear, to keep and carry and use our firearms, to timely trials by juries of our peers, and a host of other Constitutional freedoms being increasingly threatened by an out-of-control, Marxist/collectivist dominated, and virtually  bankrupt federal government, but our nation has been totally infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party in virtually ALL aspects of our government and non-government spheres—a deadly enemy of a country that surely launched a biological attack against the United States and much of the rest of the world, as a part of its plan—aided and abetted by “our” government, and BOTH political parties over decades—to become the dominant power in this world.  And  unless we as Americans put a brake on the takeover of the U.S. and much of the rest of the world, the CCP will accomplish its goal, with or without military action, and will become the world’s financial and military power, with America being reduced to the level of a third-world “banana republic” consisting of a large number of purposely undereducated serfs controlled by masters of the dominant communist party class!  This is happening all around us, but unfortunately, most Americans are too undereducated and purposely kept in the “political darkness” for them to really understand what is happening to all of us.

They (our Founders) knew that all governments will, if allowed, dissipate the labors of the people and eventually enslave them. Usually under the pretense of taking care of them.  This is exactly what we Americans have been allowing to happen for the past two or three generations, and is still what is happening today.  (Remember, this was originally written in 2001).  Freedom tends to be removed from us in little chunks, often in times of economic difficulty or national emergency. (Like pandemics, perhaps?  Pandemics which were probably caused ON PURPOSE, perhaps?) 

Today the political philosophy called “liberalism” is the exact opposite of the classic liberalism upon which our country was founded.  In modern America, it is mainly those who consider themselves to be conservatives (or “Americanists—a better word) who carry the torch of true freedom passed to them by the great classic liberals of earlier times.  Like them, modern conservatives carry a great fear of unlimited government.  There are those who today call themselves liberals, and who usually acclaim Thomas Jefferson as their political idol (at least they have until recently when the “Woke Movement” began its vile idiocy by reminding its brain damaged followers that Jefferson “owned slaves”, therefore he can no longer be considered as a fit example for a “woked” devotee of brain mush to be a political idol).  They (today’s liberals) have lost faith in the original American concept of liberty under God and independence from all other countries (and from America-hating Marxist/collectivist entities like the United Nations Organization).  American conservatives need to work to make government smaller, more in tune with our Founders’ intentions. Basically, MORE of us need to work much more DILIGENTLY than we have in the past, and MORE of us need to get involved in the WAR to save our constitutional liberties, in which we’re ALL involved.  ALL of us need to work as though our freedoms and our lives depend on what we do—SOON—because THEY DO!!

The classic liberals regarded patriotism—love of one’s country—as one of the noblest virtues, and they made it very clear that the responsibility of the American government was to the American people, not to the whole world (and especially not to a globalist one-world governmental organization like the United Nations—a despicable group of misfits and Marxist/socialist tyrants who mostly despise the United States and worship government power).  But modern liberals  seem to equate patriotism and the distrust of globalism with insanity.  They seem to believe that the concepts of national sovereignty and independence are outmoded, and they have lost faith in one of the basic tenets of the American Revolution---that free men, under God, can manage their own affairs.  Modern liberals  (and assorted traitors and haters of freedom) have done their utmost to have us turn over our national sovereignty and affairs to that Tower of Babel and den of terrorists and communists known as the United Nations.  And the pressure to turn over our precious and irreplaceable national sovereignty to the U.N. or some similar den of collectivist tyrants has only become more intense in the years since 2001.  The plans to create a “North American Union” of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico are alive and well, and ongoing as I write this.  Regional governments are much easier to control and integrate into a “world government”!

The problem with modern liberals is that they aren’t suspicious of unlimited government.  They worship it  as if it were their “god” (Whom they have done their best to make unconstitutional) while proclaiming that Americans must accept every Satanic concept of “god” as they define it—every vile and despicable and unholy action that the true Triune God of Scripture has condemned ever since time began.  They regard big government as a kind of friendly Big Brother who will take care of all our needs.  Modern liberalism is based on the idiotic premise that political power makes men wise (while it often makes them believe that they are all-powerful lords who MUST be obeyed).  It assumes that, if left to our own devices, we the people are too stupid to take care of our families and to provide for our own futures, and too heartless to help our fellows if they have a real need.  They love to spend our money (oh do they ever love to do that—plus the money that will have to be earned and repaid as high taxes by our grandchildren and our great grandchildren) because they will use it for “noble purposes” and not the crass consumption for which we would use our money.  It is without argument that we need to EDUCATE our fellow citizens, and free all of America from the influence of the liberals and the globablists.  Let’s free all Americans from the tyranny of  unlimited government.  Then we’ll truly have our United States back in the hands of “We, the People”.

Well, upon the comparison of “then” with “now”, it appears that not much has changed over the past twenty years.  If anything, the situation has become worse—has grown more dire and threatening to the survival of our constitutional freedoms.  Today the American people are being threatened with a serious erosion of our historic liberties by the party I now describe as The Klan of New Bolsheviks, controlled, at least in theory, by Comrade Joe Biden, an aging leftist, an old-time racist, a corrupt, big spending, and SLEAZY Democrat who surely is afflicted by advancing dementia.  He has surrounded himself with hordes of “liberal” and far left believers in ever-growing government, and our traditional and Americanist concepts of limited government and the long-established freedoms that our people have enjoyed for many generations are being threatened with EXTINCTION!  The denizens of tyrannical collectivism—the rabid children of Karl Marx and those who have followed his “gospel” since 1848—are increasingly convinced that NOW is their time—the time that they and their fellow travellers and the shadowy devils who have always controlled their movements have lied, and plotted, and killed, and gone to war, have engaged in subversion, spying, and treason, for. 

Whether or not NOW is their time will depend on how determined the real American patriots are in resisting these Marxist children of Satan.  Time is short, and the battle has been engaged, even while many Americans have no clue that their survival as free people is on the line.  Our Marxist/socialist enemies are determined to overwhelm our historic constitutional republic with an avalanche of laws that will allow “our” government to bury our freedoms with so much unconstitutional legislation and such profligate out-of-control spending that, as the ‘Borg Collective’ would say, “RESISTANCE IS FUTILE”.  How American patriots respond to that challenge will determine our future survival!


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