Obviously, the point of this is to push our culture further left and to supplant Christian norms. But, you say, the librarians in Charlotte are probably more demonic than those in Greenville County. True, but even moderates (including cowardly Christians) are afraid of being ridiculed should they give in to the Christian deplorables who constitute a majority of people here compared with the less Christian, less deplorable citizens of Charlotte. 

In fact, riling up the locals, when the locals are deplorable Christians gives a kind of  street-cred to the librarians in Greenville. 

Representative government?  How old fashioned!  We don't get that very often unless there is a full blown outraged reaction. There's only a little time left to organize a huge march on the library, and if that does not prevent the show, then hundreds of pickets need to show up with home made signs on the day of.

The stakes are higher than most people think.p

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Mike Scruggs