We sometimes focus so much on the South Carolina Upstate that we can forget that North Carolina is closer than some of the South Carolina counties we reference when discussing politics.

This is important to us in the Upstate.  It is worth mentioning the Sheriff in Mecklenburg County (Charlotte area) and the Sheriff of Henderson County in North Carolina.  Henderson County is next to Greenville County.  The sheriff in that county has not announced a decision yet.

As I have mentioned many times, Asheville is not far away from us.  If there is a city that would declare itself a sanctuary city, it is Asheville.  Just wait.  

Sheriffs are now deciding to no longer help the feds deport illegals.  While not exactly creating sanctuary counties, those neighboring counties could end up as a safer place for illegals to move.  That means more of them traveling around our areas.  

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Mike Scruggs