On January 19, 2019 the Washington Post published an on-line account of what was purported to be a straight forward news feature about a public disturbance that occurred at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, on January 18 involving High School students waiting on a bus to take them back to their Catholic High School in Covington Kentucky. It was not a news story! It was an intentional public political assassination of innocents by a newspaper with world wide reach! It was known deceptive propaganda, just like Jussie Smollet’s drama in Chicago! With the revered Lincoln Memorial as a back drop the Washington Post proceeded to fabricate their report!  It was particularly directed at a white eleventh grader, Nicholas Sandman, wearing a red MAGA hat!

What attracted the Washington Post at all? It was red MAGA hats! The scent of blood permeated the anti-American socialist newsroom like mammal blood in the water attracts sharks! The incident became a swarming blind feeding frenzy of made up fake “news” reporting! Millions could read about it worldwide and hate those arrogant anti-abortion, Trump supporting, white mocking Christian Catholic teenagers from the South!  It was perfect for the Washington Post in their blind hatred of President Donald Trump and any who support him! Like Jussie Smollett the Washington Post carefully choreographed the whole thing even film editing and splicing to present their intentionally deceiving narrative! Like Jussie it was a self created fake news media firestorm! The Washington Post had in this one incident all they hate:  (a) Conservatives (b) White People and Trump supporters (c) independent thinking teenagers (c) many MAGA hats. (d) Christians via a Catholic High School (e) arrogant white teenagers from the bigoted South; and, (f) Disgusting supporters of the right of pre born babies to live! It was perfect!

They also had all they revered and loved: (a) Like Elizabeth Warren there were marginalized Native American Indians-the leader was a Vietnam War Combatant being disrespected just like Elizabeth, Nathan Phillips! Whatever claimed injustices from 100 years ago, and now, were to be suffered by these white students and Trump supporters! The arrogant white teenagers did not bow as they should have in the presence of adults and a Native American Indian Vietnam War combatant hero! (b) There were revered blacks, Black Hebrew Israelites, who precipitated the encounter and actually shouting insulting taunts at the students. Whatever injustices were claimed by them from 100 years ago, and now, were to be paid for by these Trump supporting white Christian students! The students did not bow and yield to those adults as the Washington Post would have them do! 

Tapes show the Native American Indian group actually initially instigated the face-off by advancing into the students-not the other way around (tapes show they advanced on the students) but were given a pass by the Washington Post along with the guilty Black Hebrew Israelite group (they initially instigated the taunts); but, the innocent white group defending themselves from these attacks were found guilty by the Washington Post!

You can always expect this political agenda from fake news! Hardly a week passed before the fake news story was blown out of the water! But the Washington Post did little to correct its errors until an editorial note on March 1, 2019 listing some of its errors in initial reporting! That was about 40 days after the original publication and probably would not have been mentioned again it all except they got sued! They would have left the lie to stand. It was, after all, an excellent political hacking for all to read in the future and be filled with hate!

The Washington Post now admits-after being sued-(a) that it was the student group being taunted after initially reporting the student group was the initial taunting group (b) that Nathan Phillips, the American Indian, was not barred in any way after initially reporting the students had caused him fear by blocking his retreat (c) That Nathan Phillips, the Native American Indian, was not a war combat Vietnam veteran after initially reporting he was (d) that the students did not initiate the conflict after initially reporting they did.

It also turns out Nathan Phillips has a long history of agitation as do the Black Hebrew Israelite group. Also the “wall” taunts, and other supposed taunts reported by Phillips and CNN from the student group are on not on the tapes but the taunts of the black group are!

The whole narrative presented by the Washington Post originally was a lie!! But for millions who may never read about corrections it will always be the lie created by the Washington Post and other fake news outlets most people will hold in their memory! That is what fake news does best-lie to present their political agenda as news! They learn nothing from their deceiving firestorms except to do it again with Jussie Smollett! If you see anything from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post or the New York Times, the Democratic Party, Hollywood or the Entertainment and Sports Industry about politics,  Conservatives or Christians you can be assured it contains little truth and is primarily motivated by hatred of Christians and Conservatives, especially white Christian Conservatives or anyone who supports Donald Trump! It is also a direct attack on Christian social views about abortion or homo sexuality! There are other issues but these are presently in the lime light! This particular Christian Conservative supports Donald Trump for his presently revealed secular earthly conservative policies. I may disagree with future policies! I may otherwise disagree with him about Jesus Christ as I do not know his views on Jesus Christ! Society needs Donald Trump’s earthly policies to exist in this world with order. All humanity needs Jesus Christ, and Him alone, to exist in God’s heavenly world.

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Mike Scruggs