We hear incessantly of the so-called "two wings" of the Democratic Party; ie, the 'left wing' and the 'moderates.' Sorry, but they really are one and the same.

Here's whats going on: The 'Sanders' et al wing (medicare for all; the Green New Deal; global warming; pay-off student debt; free college for all; unlimited abortions; most all of the above, or some variation of same;) this being the 'socialist', statist, marxist, whatever, wing of the party. Highly supported by ignorant, brain-washed college/youth plus liberal democrats of old who have just been seduced to the general leftward movement of politics/society/culture.

Then, there are those (democratic) politicians who realize the public will not buy the above truly socialist programs (indeed, by Constitution are not federally authorized!), and therefore will not publicly support said policies, yet will vote for same when in office. There are not 'two wings;' they are one and the same, just Sanders is out-front with his plans, and the moderate does not public support but will support when the issues are legislatively presented. It's one big 'con-job!' P.S. The related problem with the above, is that Pres. Trump's "State of the Union" speech demonstrates that the GOP keeps moving leftward, too. Just check all the unconstitutional programs and benefits he proposes in said speech!!

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Mike Scruggs