Let's go back to April, 1964, Cleveland, Ohio. Our Young Republican Club (John Birch 'chapter'!) was sponsoring a speech by John Martino, speaker for the John Birch Society, author of "I Was Castro's Prisoner."  Martino was a small business owner in Cuba, in opposition to new dictator Fidel Castro sufficiently enough to be thrown in prison ( and apparently not so sufficient as to be remove by a firing squad). 

We had booked a large ballroom in the Downtown Sheraton Hotel, on the Square, for those familiar with Cleveland.  As President of the Club, we had no idea what to expect. We were overwhelmed with a turnout of maybe 400--the ballroom was packed!!  Obviously Cleveland had a huge Cuban-American following, and sympathizers!                                 

Fast-forward to today, 2020:  Most informed, objective historical followers of Castro's Cuba understand that Cuba is a basket-case, economically and whatever manner you care to measure (for example, it's two-tiered health care system: a 1950s for the peasants, somewhat contemporary for the Castro elites).  Ah, wonderful communism: what Sanders loves to call 'democratic socialism', at the point of a gun.  And make no mistake, anyone who praises Soviet Russia (who had liquidated multi-millions preceding his (Bernie Sanders) visiting),and who has praised Castro/Cuba,  how can he (Sanders) be trusted as to what manner of 'force' he would use to institute his 'democratic socialism'??

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Mike Scruggs