MIDDLETOWN, Calif., Christian Newsire – A Day of Repentance for California will be held in San Jose, Saturday, August 11.

Pastor Jeffrey Daly Says God is Withholding the Rain Amid Raging Wildfires in California--but There is a Spiritual Solution.

The fires in California are a result of a seven year-drought. Following 2 Chronicles 7:13, God has done what He said He was going to do: He has withheld the rain, Pastor Jeffrey Daly says. Governor Brown claims the fires are a result of "global warming." No, God is in charge; it's His "Global Warning."

God has withheld the rain because our state stands increasingly for wicked practices. It now may rank as the most wicked of our fifty states. Our legislature, governor, and courts place the stamp of authority on practices that are an abomination to the Lord such as: abortion, same sex marriage, pornography, greed, idolatry, mammon, rebellion, mind-destroying drugs, restrictions on religious freedom, euthanasia. The stench keeps rising. 

Not using Holy Spirit fire, God sends His fire in the natural. Pastors and priests throughout California will be encouraged to hold repentance services, a "sacred assembly" in their communities on August 11. A 9AM to noon repentance service will be held at Four Square Church, 1470 McKinley Avenue, San Jose. Believers in Christ nationally, and in other nations, will also be invited to repent on August 11. Sincere repentance brings God's healing of a state and a nation.


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