MANHATTAN, N.Y. -- In today's skits, Cuomo will be "aborting babies" while Satan encourages him. President Trump and Christ will walk up behind them, unseen; Trump will grab Cuomo's arm, and save a baby. Cuomo and Satan will flee in terror.

    Event Locations:

    World Trade Center, 10AM to Noon

    Trump Tower: 2PM to 4 PM.

Cuomo Receiving Communion: In another skit, Cuomo will be beating Christ with a whip with Satan's encouragement; Cuomo will be stabbing baby dolls. After killing the babies, with blood on his hands, Cuomo will turn to a bishop, who will serve him communion, while Satan looks on in glee. Cuomo will then take money from his pocket to give to the Bishop to help pay for "human rights projects."

"These skits show in stark and shocking terms what is happening right now in New York. Cuomo has unleashed a new wave of slaughter and terror against innocent babies, while Bishops serve him communion. Surely this is Satanic." Randall Terry

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