Pray for IsraelCOLLEYVILLE -- Israel-based ministry One For Israel announces the release of a free 'Pray for Israel!' 31-day prayer guide to encourage U.S. Christians to accept the biblically based call to pray for Israel.

Releasing on March 1, the quick-read devotional offers 31 days of concise and focused prayer points designed to inform and stir the hearts of Christ-followers and prompt them to intercede for the unreached people of Israel. Each day's content pairs a passage from the Bible with a quick reference "Did You Know?" education and direction for the day's prayer.

"Not all Christians are called to travel to other nations as missionaries, but they are all called to pray for the unreached nations," encourages Dr. Erez Soref, President & CEO of One For Israel. "For this reason, One For Israel is asking U.S. Christians to commit to 31 days of bold intercession for Israel. Do not underestimate the impact of your prayers in encouraging, supporting and uplifting the Jews and Arabs who are sharing the Gospel with Israel, making disciples, training leaders and blessing our communities in the name of Yeshua (Jesus)."

Among the 31 unique prayer topics in the guide is:

  • The Next Generation: Pray for the next generation of believers to grow in faith and stand strong amidst the opposition they face in following Jesus.
  • Underground Believers: Pray for the new believers, for safety, and for boldness to take the next steps in their faith.
  •  Israeli Government: Pray that the Gospel would not be hindered by those in authority.
  •  Anti-Semitism: Stand with us in prayer and in public to fight anti-Semitism around the world.

One For Israel reports that currently, only one percent of the people living in Israel claim Jesus as their Messiah. However, not only are we seeing the physical restoration of Israel after a 2,000-year exile but Jewish people are returning to their God and accepting the Messiah in numbers not seen since the early church.

"We have been called to do ministry within this miracle of restoration," Soref urges. "Yet, anything we attempt in Yeshua's name will amount to nothing unless it's informed and empowered by prayer. Our heart's desire is that dedicated prayer partners will rise and pray for our Israeli brothers and sisters and that the God of Israel would save the people of Israel, as it says in Romans 10:1." The free 'Pray for Israel!' 31-day prayer guide is available for download at


About One For IsraelEstablished in 1990, One For Israel is a movement of Jewish and Arab Israeli followers of Yeshua (Jesus) who are sharing the Gospel with Israel and the world. The multifaceted, nonprofit ministry exists to make disciples, train leaders, and bless communities in the name of Jesus through their Bible College and discipleship programs. One For Israel is at the forefront of evangelism and discipleship in Israel's modern-day revival, producing innovative evangelistic media in Hebrew, Arabic, and English, seen by millions of Israelis and others around the world. Their media outreach includes over 50 short videos answering approximately 100 objections to Jesus, several hundred apologetic articles, and powerful discipleship content for those who have come to faith. For information, visit One For Israel

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