Hail to the State

"Hail to the State," or "Sieg Heil" to "The Fuehrer!" The Italian Fascists and the German Nazis were brothers under the skin. Left Wing extremists who tried to spread their poison over the world. Their descendants are doing the same today! It's called "The New World Order" or "The Great Reset." But it's the same old totalitarianism!

“If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools!” - PLATO (427 B.C.-347 B.C.)

Most Americans have heard the word “fascistbandied about quite a lot in recent years.  Every so-called “mainstream media” outlet is proclaiming that fascists are evil racists (they are both), noxious “right wing extremists” (nope) who are in league with former President Trump (not true) and his “bad, bad, bad” conservative/populist/Republican allies in the ranks of “The Basket of Deplorables”, as that truly despicable Deep Stater, Comrade Hillary Clinton, labeled us.  (Before his untimely death, no less an authority than Rush Limbaugh said that Hillary was a communist, so I’m just using her appropriate title).

As I prepare this article the “usual suspects”—anti-Constitutional RINOS, members of The Klan of New Bolsheviks (formerly called Democrats), members of the far left Congressional Black Caucus, (most of them socialist/Marxist buffoons), neocons (pretend conservatives who really subscribe to internationalist globalism), the ALWAYS anti-American “mainstream media” (championed by “Fake News” CNN, MSNBC,  The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post et al)—are continuing their endless attacks against former President Trump and his allies for his “alleged collusion” with the dastardly Russians, said collusion having  since been PROVED to be totally false, the non-existent “proof” for which had been paid for by Comrade Hillary “What Difference Does It Make Now?” Clinton (and the DNC), that liar, conniver, lawbreaker, and probable traitor who should long ago have been tried and convicted of many instances of illegalities and probable TREASON against her country, and who is reported to be plotting (despite her denials) with her big money supporters as she considers a third try to win the Dumbocrat nomination for POTUS!

We all know that she, or one or more of her equally despicable political friends and fellow members of “The Deep State”, are even now preparing for their newest battles to keep former President Trump from ever running again for that office, as they continue their fascist-style political “witch hunts” with their phony “January 6 Select Committee” nonsense and lies!  Just recently they used the totally corrupt F.B.I. to conduct a political and unprecedented  “raid” on former President Trump’s residence at Mar-A-Lago in Florida, hoping to find (or—surprise—“manufacture”) incriminating evidence of his wrongdoing while he was POTUS, thus denying him (they hope) another opportunity to run for the office of POTUS again in 2024.  (In the meantime, the Trump rallies continue to draw huge and exuberant crowds of patriotic Americans—even a large rally of support at the entrance of Mar-A-Lago on the night of the F.B. LIE’S raid!)  But I digress.

I hold no sympathy with racial “supremacists” of ANY race—not with the old Democrat Party KKK terrorists or with their newer black “cousins”—the Black Lives Matter extremists and LIARS!.  I surely hold no sympathies for modern-day “neo-Nazis”, the descendants of despicable left wing barbarians from a bygone age who discovered in 1945, to their dismay, that the rest of us weren’t about to tolerate their violence and aggression and hate any longer.  THAT solution should be extended to the present day violent FASCIST THUGS AND GANGSTERS  known as “ANTIFA” (Anti-Fascists—an oxymoron for certain for they use “fascist” tactics constantly), the masked cowards who, like the pestilence the are, infest the streets and college campuses of America, burning down parts of cities belonging to law-abiding Americans and killing or injuring the innocent, as they mob together and attempt  to bully and intimidate those they disagree with, deny them their First Amendment FREE SPEECH rights, and as we’ve seen recently, deny those they disagree politically with their right to peacefully gather in a restaurant, a movie theater, or a job site.  The long-honored American right of “free speech” for all is a maxim that these leftist and anti-constitutionalist fascist  loons have abandoned, as they do the violent bidding of despicable anti-Americans like multi-billionaire George Soros, in whose pay and employ they are!  (Benito Mussolini would have been proud of our “American” “AntiFa” gangsters because he trained their prototypes in Italy in the 1920’s).

Ignoring the mild and somewhat apologetic castigations against “Antifa” by our leftist and progressive MSM (who seem determined to offer up excuses for Antifa’s violence), I’d like to share a “definition” of the Antifa thugs and bullies that I found in Urban Dictionary a few years ago:

“ANTIFA is a bunch of skinhead brats living in their parents’ basements, looking to beat the crap out of anyone who doesn’t follow their point of view.  They believe their tactics are for the “greater good”, but have pretty much run out of “Nazis” to chase after, so they take their hate out on anyone else who defies them.  They will beat you up, using mace, clubs, boots, brass knuckles, etc. THEY are the truly FASCIST “anti-fascists”.  They are cowards who will gang up on you and attack only in groups.  Confront a lone “Antifa” and he will run away, screaming.” 

So exactly what is this left-wing political system known as “fascism”?  Brannon Grant, in the Urban Dictionary, defined it as, “Anything that leftists disagree with”.  Which is demonstrably true.  Dictionary.com provides a “cleaned up” definition of fascism:

A Governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and OFTEN RACISM”  (as did the Fascist Nazi racists  in the 1930’s). 

(Note: The word “Nazi” is an abbreviation for the German word, Nationalsozialist, named for the “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei”, or the “National Socialist German Worker’s Party, which grew out of Mussolini’s Fascist Socialist Party in Italy.  Which means, of course, that NAZISM is a FAR LEFT movement, NOT a “right wing” movement that most Americans have been PURPOSELY MISLED into accepting).  (And “fascism” is the same kind of far left wing movement, as discussed in my previous article titled, “What Is The Political Spectrum” here in The Times Examiner.)

“A political movement that employs the principles and methods of fascism, especially the one established by Benito Mussolini in Italy from 1922 to 1943.”

The Nationa Politicall Idealogist

Many Americans today have never heard of Benito Mussolini or his left wing Fascist Blackshirt Movement begun in Italy in the early 1920’s, AND so admired by Adolf Hitler—who eventually called his 1930’s left wing socialist movement ‘National Socialism’, or “Nazi-ism”, AND by President Franklin Roosevelt, who so admired Mussolini and fascism that he sent a delegation to Mussolini in the 1930’s to learn how he could pattern his “New Deal” after Mussolini’s system, because FDR’s “New Deal” wasn’t sufficiently ‘progressive’, nor was it “socialist” enough to suit Roosevelt, who despite his wealth was an open “Democrat socialist”.  (And a member of the treasonous Council on Foreign Relations). 

Benito Mussolini outlined three basic principles that explained his “Fascist” philosophy of government:

  • 1) “Everything in the State”. He proposed that government must be supreme and all encompassing within the country. ALL citizens MUST conform to the “ruling body”—the dictator and his ‘toadies’;
  • 2) “Nothing outside the State”. A fascist country must expand—must grow, so this implies that the goal of any fascist nation is to rule the world, thereby forcing every human being to submit to the fascist government;
  • 3) “Nothing against the State”. ANY questioning of the government or its motives or tactics is NOT tolerated. If one doesn’t agree with official government dogma, then that one is WRONG, and is not allowed to live and ‘taint’ the minds of the rest of the “good” citizens.

There, from the dictator’s mouth, are the basics of a fascist system of government, a system that was in place in Italy from Mussolini’s 1922 “March on Rome” until 1943, when the Italian people decided that they’d had enough of Mussolini and his fascist dictatorship, shot him, and strung him up upside down from a light pole, along with his mistress. 

Dinesh D’Souza explains, in one of his books, THE BIG LIE: EXPOSING THE NAZI ROOTS OF THE AMERICAN LEFT: “Mussolini was in fact a Marxist, the most famous Marxist (in Italy) along with Gramsci; Mussolini was the editor of the Socialist Party magazine.  So when Mussolini became a fascist, it was seen as a LEFTIST move.  Shortly after Mussolini’s ‘March On Rome’ (in 1922) establishing the first fascist regime in the world, Lenin sent a telegram of congratulations….He recognized Mussolini as a fellow revolutionary of the left.”   

Fascist countries such as Italy was during most of the 1920’s and all of the 1930’s had a reputation for “order”, for “making the trains run on time”.  They are perceived (inaccurately) as having outward “harmony” and little internal strife, but that is because there are NO conflicting political parties OR elections allowed in fascist countries. 

Fascism implies TOTAL governmental power—the ruling class of the government has ALL the power and the people have none—obey or else!  Adolf Hitler was a great admirer of Mussolini’s fascism, and tailored his National Socialist Movement (Nazi-ism) upon it.  Nazi-ism soon morphed into a system of EXTREME FASCISM, with a hatred of Jews (racial superiority) thrown in.  Both systems are based on TOTAL GOVERNMENT POWER, and are to the FAR LEFT side of the political spectrum, along with socialism, communism, and strong and repressive monarchies. 

The next time some leftist loon, or some totally uninformed friend or family member or co-worker or brain damaged moonbat lectures you on the evils of “right wing fascism” or “right wing Nazi-ism”, refer them to the basics I’ve covered above, or lead them, gently but firmly, to the truth, which YOU can discover here in The Times Examiner and on the internet if you’ll take the time. The BEST and most TRUSTWORTHY source is The John Birch Society (JBS.ORG).  Don’t be cowed or intimidated by their ignorance and their in-your-face bullying.  Don’t let them convince you that you are wrong and they are right, because THEY are wrong and YOU are right!  And don’t you forget it!

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