BJU CCGH Symposium 2022

The Center for Community and Global Health (CCGH) at Bob Jones University will hold its fourth annual symposium, “Reimagining the Future of the US Health System,” Thursday, March 9, from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on the BJU campus. The community is invited to attend. 

At the pre-symposium banquet Wednesday, March 8, Greenville Mayor Knox White will discuss the history of healthcare in Greenville and goals for healthcare in Greenville County going forward. 

Following the opening session with Dr. Bernard Kadio, director of the CCGH, on Thursday morning, the symposium will split into two tracks—one for health-related professionals and a second for high school students.

The health professions track includes topics such as Public Health Systems in Pandemic Situations, Sustainable Care Delivery, Equitable Access to Health Innovation, and Healthy Aging.

The second track of the symposium for high schoolers will focus on career planning. At this event, students will learn about careers in the health professions and engage in hands-on health labs such as exercise science, nursing, suturing, and the cadaver lab.

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