TAMPA -- The entity 'Sheriff' is the oldest non-military law enforcement figure in world history, dating back to 9th Century A.D. in England. America's first sheriff's office was established in 1641 in St. Mary's County, MD.

The Sheriff is the ONLY duly elected law enforcement authority created by each state's constitution to protect state rights of government and to protect citizens from government abuses. Courts have backed the Sheriff's powers throughout American history, representing the only legal entity having antiquity and modern authority in America.

Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall and Evangelist JC Hall demonstrate the powers of the Sheriff in their new documentary, "NONCOMPLIANT 2: THE SHERIFF."

"NC2: THE SHERIFF" is a timely and riveting documentary exploring the authority of the Sheriff to protect citizens under assault by rogue political actors.

Discover the rich history of this constitutional office through the real-life tale of two sheriffs. One Sheriff relinquished his authority fearing the tyrannical demands of political partisans resulting in significant human rights abuses. Meanwhile, the other Sheriff successfully leveraged his faith in God and constitutional training as a last line of defense for a pastor and his congregation.

"NC2: THE SHERIFF" is an emotionally compelling documentary that is a MUST-WATCH for those desiring to protect their homes, family, and nation.

Streaming now at https://libertyfirstsociety.com/noncompliantmovie/

Group licensing rights are available at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/nc2group

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