Former Florida Governor and potential Presidential candidate Jeb Bush, an outspoken advocate of increased levels of immigration, visited Christian pastors in Spartanburg, South Carolina on May 2nd.

One of the pastors meeting with Bush was Jason Lee, director of the Spartanburg office of World Relief, a major player in the refugee resettlement business. World Relief plans to bring some 60 refugees from Syria and Africa to Spartanburg over the next year. The announcement that Muslim refugees were coming to Spartanburg created a controversy among local Christians.

Dr. Christina Jeffrey is opposed to what Jason Lee is doing, and many local Christians argue that Lee and his associates are twisting the meaning of Scripture to suit their purpose. Lee’s Come Closer Spartanburg and others quote Scripture about caring for the “stranger,” however, critics of the program that reportedly accepts government funds is prohibited from “sharing the Gospel.”

World Net Daily reports that the federal government, working with the United Nations, is funding nine resettlement agencies.

Kelly Monroe Kullberg, a critic of the resettlement organizations, says it is important to follow the money. Kullberg notes that the “National Immigration Forum” is the largest of the groups. It’s largest donor is billionaire activist George Soros, the chairman of Hillary PAC. Other funding comes from the globalist Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie foundations.


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