Four Tions for Our Nation

  1. Abortion
  2. Education
  3. Immigration
  4. Inflation

These issues are important to voters this year, and all of these issues are important to the conservative voter.

  1. Eagle Forum has published a guide to Pro-Life Activism. This 13-page document provides resources on the Dobbs case at the Supreme Court, plus an analysis of state legislation on abortion, polling data, and resources for crisis pregnancies.
  2. Parents are awake to the woke public schools that seek to undermine the bond between parent and child. We must hold school boards accountable and start educating, not indoctrinating children. The education section on our website is essential reading.
  3. Thanks to the open border policy of the Biden Administration, every state is now a border state and undocumented aliens are being sent all over the country. Our schools, public safety, and communities are overwhelmed with this purposeful influx. The lame mainstream media may not want to talk about the non-enforcement of our immigration laws, but we must talk about it. More information is here.
  4. The pocket-book is the ballot box. Inflation is a regressive tax caused by government overspending. Here is how to stop inflation: cut taxes, tighten government spending, and reduce regulation from the administrative state.

Use these four issues in your community to effect change this year. 2022 is an opportunity for conservatives to stop the madness that is destroying America. We need all hands on deck this year! 

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