Talk has been wildly circulating for several months now about the United Nations declaring an Arab "Palestinian" state in September. Plans are underway for the UN General Assembly to pass a resoluition to declare "Palestine" to be a new, independent state, in lieu of the unwillingness of Israel to simply give away half of their little bit of land for the occupying Arabs to have another Arab state of their own.

It will require a two-thirds vote, or 128 votes in the General Assembly to pass the resolution, and the Palestinians have stated that they already have assurances of 120 of the 128 votes needed. However, the declaration will not be "legal" unless the UN Security Council also agrees. Israel is counting on the United States to veto the proposal in the Security Council, but the Palestinians are hoping that US President Barack Obama will side with the Arabs and Moslems and make the US approve.

Obviously, approval of a Palestinian state by the UN would be a grossly biased and anti-Semitic act. As everyone knows, the UN has already proven to be strongly anti-Israel and pro-Arab. Some have called it a global forum for anti-Semitism, since two-thirds of all the UN resolutions have condemned Israel for something or other.

The question that should be in everyone's mind, however, is what would the declaration of an independent Palestinian state mean to Israel? Is anyone thinking about how it would affect Israel, if the UN would declare a Palestinian state on half of Israel's land? Have any of the UN diplomats thought about what such a declaration would mean to the Jewish state and people?

First, the UN would want Israel to simply give to the Arabs all the land that Israel captured in the 1967 Six-Day War. That would negate the Israeli's miracle military victories and make the loss of life of thousands of Israeli military lives to be meaningless. That would turn the winners of the war into losers and the losers into winners. Can't the UN experts see it this way?

It would also mean uprooting 650,000 Jewish people from their ancestral homeland of Judea and Samaria. This "West Bank" territory is where the Biblical patriarchs trod, where Yeshua walked, and it is part of the land that the God of Israel promised to the Jewish people as "an everlasting possession."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the US Congress recently that it would be impossible to move 650,000 Jewish people out of the Judea-Samaria territory. They have worked hard to build numerous modern, thriving villages, and there will be no repeat of what happened in Gaza. Obviously, the UN people were not listening very well. And have they not heard about trhe Gaza results?

Then, too, what about the Golan Heights? The UN would probably demand that Israel return the entire strategic Golan Heights area to Syria. There was nothing in that area in 1967 except several Syrian military installations, from which Syrians fired rockets over the Sea of Galilee into Israel.

After the Israelis took over the area in 1967, they built several beautiful new villages and hundreds of acres of fruitful orchards, which now produce a big part of the fruit for all of Israel. Syrians have already declared that they can't wait to control the water from the north that flows into the main Israeli water source, the Sea of Galilee. Of course, that would

make Israel's water problems even worse.

And would the UN also require that Israel divide Jerusalem and give half of the city to the Arabs, as the Arabs are demanding? They want East Jerusalem for their capital. That would bring all the Christian and Jewish religious sites in the half city, including the historic Biblical Old City, under Moslem control and rule. Can Israel forget that when the Arabs had control of the area before 1967, they destroyed all the Jewish synagogues and many other Jewish and Christian religious sites?

Jerusalem has become a wonderful, thriving and growing modern city, no credit to the Arabs. To ask the Jewish people to simply relinquish half of this historic city to the Arabs is totally unthinkable to any reasonable mind. But to the UN?

And what about returning to the 1967 borders? Netanyahu courageously told the US Congress that a return to those borders would be "indefensible" for Israel. Doesn't anyone at the UN care that Israel removed those perilolus borders when Israel successfully defended itself from their warring Arab-Moslem neighbors in the Six-Day War? Hamas and Hezbulleh enemies are using the present borders as shields to fire hundreds of missiles and rockets into Israel. What will they do if they have more freedom to attack at their will?

Has anyone at the UN actually looked at a map to see what those pre-1967 borders would mean to Israel? Numerous Israel cities along the coast north of Tel Aviv would be within ten miles range of the Arab borders. That would only seem to bring Israel a step closer to "annihiliation," as called for by the Hamas and Hezbulleh charters. Do those UN experts really think that the pre-1967 borders will bring peace and peaceful co-existence?

In fact, a survey by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Opinion has concluded that the result of the Palestinians winning recognition of their own state at the UN in September is likely to be war with Israel. The poll showed that 76 percent of Palestinians believe their security forces will immediately exert control over all of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, even at the risk of open warfare with the Israel Army.

Israel fears that the UN vote could lead to a third "intifada," or uprising, along the lines of the "Arab Spring," with hundreds of thousands of Arab Palestinians being aroused to march on Israeli sites in terrorist-like attacks.

This may happen, even if the United States vetoes the creation of a Palestinian state in the UN Security Council. Israel will be counting on the US to use its veto power when the issue comes up, but some are wondering if the current US. president will be strong enough to resist his own Arab-Moslem favorable feelings.

What is Israel supposed to do?


Dr. Al Snyder is a former professor of Communications at Liberty University in Virginia and North Greenville University. He has done extensive missionary work in Israel and Africa.

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